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Default Zen Portable Media Center and WMP11

I accidentally bought a Zen Portable Media Center earlier this year (I thought I was buying a Zen Vision and didn't realize my mistake until I had already thrown the box and receipt away). Despite the age of the player, it worked great for audio, video and photos using WMP10.

When downloaded WMP11 and I noticed some video conversion problems. The videos were converting poorly and were so grainy and pixelated that I couldn't physically watch them.

My first attempt to fix the problem was to roll back to WMP10. However then my Zen device showed up at an MTP device. It connected with WMP10 fine, but WMP10 would not convert video and would simply place small 13kb .wmv files on the player. When connecting my device to my computer it would no longer ask me if I wanted to load WMP. It would ask, but not give me an option. Finally, for the first time ever it allowed me to physically access my Zen's hard drive in Explorer. That's cool but doesn't help me convert videos into a format the player can read.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing the Zen software from the CD. Zen has no updated firmware for the Portable Media Center that I could find. I tried rolling back even further to WMP9 to then re-install WMP10 again. That didn't work and instead I ended up updating again to WMP11. So now I have WMP11 on my computer again.

Now with WMP11 on my computer the device again registers as Zen PMC instead of an MTP device and it gives me the option to load WMP11 when I plug in the USB cable. But now WMP11 is not detecting it as a device. I can't sync anything to it. I can still access the hard drive through Windows Explorer.

Am I totally screwed? Does this device even work with WMP11? And if it should and I ever do get it working again, how can I fix the initial video conversion problem?
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