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Unhappy Warning and Question

I had been considering getting a used mp3 player on ebay to use when I work out and decided that I didn't wish to spend over $20 on one. So I found an auction for a mp3 cube and had done research previously on mobiblu's cube and thought it seemed a good fit. So I went ahead and bid and got the 1gb rather cheap for $14 w/out the charger.

I emailed the seller after I had won asking for the model number because I figured I could buy a charger and get them around the same time. The email I received back from the seller told me that the cube I'd won was not a mobiblu and though it looks the exact same the brand on the front merely reads mp3 (this did not appear in the photo he provided). I did some searching on google to see if I'd missed a major brand who was making a similar cube and ended up finding a knock off out of China called Bothwin (click here). This website does not appear to offer firmware updates or anything of the like and I'd imagine customer support is non-existant too. Apparently this cube is exactly the same with the same features which will be fine for what I need. But I did want to issue a warning to anyone else who might make the same mistake.

Now for my questions. Considering these units are probably the same physically with the exact same features... would it be fair to also assume the firmware would be the same? Or to assume I could use Mobiblu's firmware updates on this cube if I wished? I'm mostly concerned with instability issues I've heard about with the firmware and not being able to update to fix them.

Thanks for any comments/help.
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Oh man I almost bought one of those too! I was looking for a 1gb ipod nano on ebay for a birthday present and found one that was really cheap. Upon closer inspection I saw that it had a black border around the screen that said "mp3" but otherwise it was almost identical to a nano! Good thing I decided to peer closer at that picture or I would have been mighty pissed if I bought it.
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