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i had the same problems,because i change the hard drive to 160 gb,and i fixed just using different pc or laptop with xp home sp3 windows media the last drive,firmaware,zentra xtra explorer(pfshure).do factory restoring small hole down the volume control.went you go to the step3 install the new firmaware maybe it gonna say you already have just reinstaler and reboot.after that you can use your original pc with wmp 11 without any problems.the only change gonna be the zentra xtra explorer(pfshure)it's total diferent.good look
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Is there any way to get a hack to the Creative Nomad Jukebox Xtra firmware so that it will recognize a hd larger than 130gb? Like 250gb? Thanks for your help.
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Default Here's what I found out....

If anyone has actually gotten a Zen to update the firmware with WinXP SP3 & with WMP 11, please post the steps you followed. I am guessing that it can't be done.

It appears you can't install WMP 9 or 10 if you have SP 3 on WinXP installed. The problem here may lie with the fact that SP 3 is integrated into my Win XP install. (I used nLite to create my install disk)

What I tried:
The machine was running WinXP SP 3 & WMP 11.

I removed WMP 11 and the runtime files.
Deleted the WMP directory in program files directory.
Removed the .INF files from the inf directory that related to WMP 11.
Still unable to install WMP 9 or 10.
So the conclusion here is if you have an install disk for WinXP with SP 3 integrated, you can't go back to an earlier version of WMP.

Looking into the problem further, I Found the drivers that the Zen was using in the drivers directory and removed them. Now here is the odd thing. Prior to SP 3, or should I say WMP 11, the Zen only used a driver called wpdusb.sys, which was in the drivers directory. Add SP 3 and it uses another file called wudfrd.sys. Removing either one of these two files and the Zen won't install after it's plugged in. Forget the FW update thing, the Zen won't even install. Trying to use Creative's drivers at this point doesn't help either.

Getting even more interesting at this time is I can't seem to find any information on wudfrd.sys for WinXP. Seems Vista users are talking about the BSOD because of this file however.

I did get my Zen up and running however. Win 2003 actually installed the FW. It was almost too easy. Plug in the Zen, Run the FW installer, and you are done. The way it is supposed to be.....

I don't have a Vista machine so I can't say for sure if any of this works with Vista will do the FW install or not. If I can test on one, I'll post the results.

So what I found out:
If you have SP3 integrated into your WinXP install, forget rolling back to an earlier version of WMP.

Don't even think about trying to update FW in Win9x. The Nomad install disk won't install the drivers. Well it does but the OS still won't recognize the device.

Don't play around in the INF or the DRIVERS directory unless you have all your data backed up. You can hose your machine very easily this way.

It seems Creative or MS won't fix this problem because if they did fix it, you wouldn't need to buy a new player or OS. But then again see the part about me not having a Vista machine to test any of this on so I don't know if that would help or not.

I can't find any FW hacks to allow the Zen to use drives bigger than 130G. That would require custom FW to use drives that big and the Zen may still be limited to the PC board anyway. In other words, the mainboard that is in the Zen may be the limiting factor.
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no yet still130gb the top i think is protection by the battery live.went you remove wmp 11 be shure uninstal rolling back program too. then install wmp 9 or 10 i did and still working.and you can use creative media organizer ver.3.30.21 the old style.the only new problem is i can bild only 12 play list on my play list.i do not why?
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Default Adventures of an iPod...

I know this site is dedicated to Anything but iPod, but for those who have been having trouble with Creative’s FW upgrade, you may be interested in the following story…..

The adventure begins with a sad faced iPod that someone wanted me to take a look at. Now I’ve never even actually held an iPod before. The iPod in question was considered a 4th Generation. It was a 20GB HD based player. Apple, sometime ago, got away from HD based players. I didn’t know why but I always assumed that it was because of the failure rate. Where the Zen uses a standard 2.5 inch laptop HD, the iPod uses a 1.8 inch laptop HD.

I took the iPod apart and removed the HD. Turn on the device and instead of showing the sad face, it showed a folder. The difference is the folder basically states that the device can’t find the storage media. So I plugged the HD back in and turned it on. It actually fired up, and showed the screen where you can select music. Now in Apple’s defense, I never actually tried to play it, but it was looking good so far. Off to the Internet to get the latest version of iTunes. After an install and a reboot, iTunes found the player and wanted to upgrade it. Well I remembered what happened when I upgraded my Zen’s FW, but Media Source never actually advised me to upgrade the FW, iTunes software did. So I upgraded. Bad idea. After the upgrade, the instructions state you should plug in the iPod to the AC adapter to complete the routine. 15 hours later, it still wanted to be plugged in to complete the process!!

Off to the Internet again to do some poking around. Doing this I discovered that the exact same steps I followed, caused a whole lot more of these things to ‘brick’. In other words, a lot of other users were having the same problem from following the same steps. iTunes software upgrade hosed the players. Turns out that the FW update wrote something to the MBR of the HD and put it in an endless loop. That is my best guess. If this was a Zen, I could pull the HD and put it in a laptop or use my USB adapter to just do a low level format to get rid of the boot sector and start over. Because Apple saw fit to use a what I consider a screwball HD in their players, you can’t do that. You need a special adapter. There is an option to put the player in ‘disk mode’. The trouble with that is at this point I can’t find a Windows based program to do service on the disk. By the time I got done trying to ‘fix’ this 20 gig HD, Windows was reporting it as a 2198.68 gig drive. Now that’s a lot of storage for such a small drive!!

Looking around I found that there is an option to change the HD based player to a CF player. So I ordered the parts. Then I found out that you could by parts for the Zen that would do the same thing. So my next experiment is to convert my HD based Zen into a CF based Zen.

There are pros and cons to doing this.
Lower power consumption
No moving parts
Longer battery life

Decreases Storage capacity (By a lot!!)

Once the parts get in and I start working on it, I will post a follow up as to how it went.

So the next time you think upgrading FW in a Zen is bad, be glad you didn’t join the Apple gang….
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Default Try another PC Worked! Many Thanks ! ! !

Well after hours of trying different things I found you folks, thank you. An Zen Xtra 30GB was sitting and not in use so I wanted to update it and use it for long trip in my 2007 Camry. I've got an AUX line in and wanted to have some more music and comedy for longer trips.

I worked through the posts and tried many of the fixes that worked for others, my Xtra seems to be a Friend of "Murphy" and was invoking law #56. So, I read further and found the suggesting to try the firmware upgrade on another machine. I did and it worked. So, if you have an option to try it on another PC, its worth the efforts.

Additionally, I like the post about replacing the smaller drive and placing a 100GB drive, I might need that someday.


The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ~Nelson Henderson
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Default Windows 7, Firmware crashes, and Recovery

First, I want to thank everyone here for posting their stories and fixes for this firmware problem. It guided me along a long, but ultimately successful path, to fixing my ZEN Xtra 60gb player.

Let me discuss the background of the computer(s) I've been working with, then I will list what I did to get this player working:

Main Computer OS: Windows 7 RTM
Secondary Computer OS: Windows XP PRO /w Service Pack 3 (WMP 11)

I realized I needed the 2.x.x firmware for my player to talk to Vista/Win7, so I attempted to upgrade. My first attempt was on my WinXP system, as people suggest it was the safest/only OS to upgrade on atm.
Like others here, my upgrade crashed, leaving me with no MP3 player.

I followed the guide posted here on the first post, with no luck.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Attempt #2:

--Unloaded all Creative drivers/software from my WinXP system, and manually removed ALL creative related files,folders, AND registry settings.

--Rebooted the system.

--I then removed WMP11 and regressed back to WMP9 (min required for this upgrade).

--Rebooted a second time.

--Removed WMP11 Runtimes.

--Rebooted a THIRD time.

--After reboot, I plugged my ZEN Xtra into my PC. WinXP installed it as an "MTP Device", and flashed a window asking if I wanted to open it via WMP9.

--I did NOT touch this window, but instead attempted to upgrade my firmware using "ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03.exe"
(NOTE: I timed clicking "English" language in time with "Reload OS" on my player. It had no effect this time.)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Attempt #3

At this point I had two options left: REFORMAT my WinXP system and load Windows 2000, just to fix this silly player - OR - Attempt upgrading via a "Virtual" box within VMWare, with the Host system being my more powerful Windows 7 RTM based system.

I tried the VMWare idea first, and it worked.
These are the steps I took:

1) Windows XP x64, with SP2 preloaded into the install, was already installed on a previous virtual machine I have.

2) I plugged my player into my Win7 system. Windows detected it as "NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra", but with a 20 Megabyte HDD.

3) I booted my WinXP x64 XP2 VMWare box.

4) I finalized the settings for WMP9 and let it run for the first time.
(After it opened completely, I then closed down WMP9.)

5) I installed the the Creative ZEN Xtra drivers in my VMWare box, via

6) Install completed successfully. (no errors)

7) Install asked me to unplug/replug my ZEN Xtra so that drivers could take effect.

8) After replugging, WinXP detects my player and installs drivers automatically.

9) I opened "ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03.exe" within my VMWare box, leaving the Language Selection Screen up on my screen.

10) I closed all Windows Explorer windows within VMWare, AND on my host system, Win7.

11) I clicked "Reload OS" on my player...and timed hitting "English" on my computer screen at the same time.

12) NOW the Firmware upgrade detected my player and successfully upgraded my firmware.
(NOTE: I got a box saying that my player already was upgraded to the 2.x.x firmware, and asked if I wanted to upgrade anyway. I clicked Yes to this, since as we know, my first attempt did not work.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


--After the firmware successfully upgraded, I closed the firmware program.

--I then shutdown my VMWare box completely.

--Next, I unplugged/replugged my player back into my computer (still on my Win7 system), and it instantly detected it as "NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra", and showed the unit with a 60GB HDD, NOT a 20MB HDD as it did earlier.

--I can now drag-and-drop music into my player, via Windows Explorer in Windows 7, without having WMP11 installed. If you have any DRM'ed music, I'm sure WMP11 will have to be present to comply with all that jazz.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I've never had issues this crazy when upgrading any system, OS, or firmware. I love my player and will continue to use it until the day (may God forbid) that it stops working. However, I don't see myself buying another Creative MP3 product again. Passing the buck to Microsoft to keep their players working in Vista/Win7, and only offering firmware upgrades and stable drivers for WinXP or older, is just plain silly, imho. I can't afford $350-400 every 3 years just to stay within their idea of a "service lifespan".

Oh well, just glad it's working again.

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Hey just re this update, this I presume has to be done under Windows XP or earlier eg XP, 2000 etc, not Vista if I am correct.
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Default Fixing firmware problem

Hi I have a Zen Xtra with 60 mb. I have twice had problems loading the firmware ... the first time as a result of trying to upgrade to the latest drivers and software for which I successfully used Walkertron instructions. The second time was when I upgraded to windows 7 and tried to update my Zen. Then I had all the frustrations of continually failing to load and was about to throw away my Zen. Then I found these instructions from Ike on the post which worked first time....
A) Go to control Panel->add remove programs->Remove all Creative applications and drivers you
B) Reboot your PC
C) Download the latest Drivers (Not Firmware) and Install them
d)Reboot and Ensure Your device manager shows Windows Portable Device and does contain Zen Xtra
e)Download and Install ZENZ_PCAPP_LB_1_40_03_MTP.exe
f) While Installing - The program will complain that It still cannot see your zen..Keep Clicking OK to retry
g)After the 3rd (OK Clicks) attempt - It proceeds to install the balance of the software
h)Reboot your PC - after the reboot you should notice that ur ZEN shows the USB SYNC is ok- it shows the circular arrow
I) Run the Firmware Upgrade ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03.exe
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Talking Thank You!

Hey BobbyRS!

I also just registered to say Thank You Bobby!

Like many others on this thread I had hosed my Zen today by trying to update the firmware and I found this thread and started following it.
In the beginning, nothing was working and I was getting more and more frustrated, until it struck me to reinstall the OS, and start from scratch. The box was running XP SP3, and that could have been one of the issues.

Anyway, Clean install of XP, with SP2, WMP 10, solved the problem and I am a happy camper now.
This is all I did. Installed the OS, updated it to SP2, added the WMP10 manually from MS.
Then I connected the Zen to PC, which was detected using the MS drivers (NOT creative drivers) and was listed as working properly.
Then I did the trick mentioned at the beginning of this thread the firmware update had no issues doing it's business

Thanks again Dude!

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Default BIG THANKS Guys....

Hi Guys,

Just another happy chappy who has their beloved Zen Xtra back again after the dreaded WIN7/Vista firmware upgrade. Just wanted to say thanks to EVERYONE who offers their excellent advice on here, without which i'd have a pretty expensive paperweight on my desk instead of reloading all my 60GB worth of music/comedy/audio books yada yada yada.

So BIG BIG shout out to you all, especially BobbyRS, you my friend go well above and beyond the call of duty my friend.

After 3 nights of trying the various fixes on the web I finally got my baby working again tonight using info from this site.

Seems the answer to the problem is looking more and more like a definitive setup using just:

1. Windows XP (SP2),
2. Windows Media Player 10
3. absolutely NO CREATIVE drivers anywhere near the setup.
4. ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03 firmware file.
5. Steps 5-7 of the original post for the ‘Language’ pause method.

Creative drivers, other WMP versions or newer XP Service Packs seem to be the cause of most people’s issues, mine being the SP as every machine I tried/built to try to fix mine had SP3 on them and NONE worked…. Then a Fresh built XP SP2 Virtual machine session in WMware tonight done the trick for me.

Thanks a million guys and keep up the good work.

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I am using my husband crative namad jukebox 30gb and I dont know much about these things so forgive me in advance. It is stuck on rescue mode, I tried clean up and reboot but nothing happens. I asked my husband if I should do the format or reload be he says that there is something else wrong with it that wont let him put new music on it so not to erase whats on there. Sorry for not having many details but he's not helping and I dont know much about these. thanks
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I believe you need to reinstall the firmware to get it out of rescue mode. If you are using an OS that is newer than Win XP with SP 2 installed, it will get interesting. If you have a friend with access to a computer with an OS of the above mentioned OR a Win 2003 machine, installing the FW is a breeze.
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Just to let you know that I followed the instructions in the first post to the letter on an XP machine that had never had creative software installed andwhich had WMP10 and managed to upgrade the firmware on my Zen Xtra. I then plugged the jukebox into my new Windows 7 laptop with WMP12 and the jukebox and the laptop now Sync smoothly and the laptop sees the full 40Gb on the Zen Xtra.

So if you want to use your Zen Xtra with Windows 7 it is possible provided you have the new firmware on the jukebox.
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Default latest firmware for Xtra

What is the latest non Play For Sure firm ware for the Zen Xtra? I have 1.11.01. I have a new Ford Fusion with SYNC from Microsoft. It is supposed to index songs on the player and allow me to control from the system. The website says that SYNC is compatible with Zen firmware 1.11.04. Does anyone have experience with SYNC? BTW I upgraded my son's Zen to 120 gig drive very easily.
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@DKnight2066 Thx for the solution
I was downloading XP SP2 X64 while suddenly my Zen Xtra 60GB gave the "connection" screen and the updater allowed updating on my Windows 7 X64 machine. I stupidly did this so of course I bricked the device. (It looks like the firmware just isn't transferred at all)

After installing the XP SP2 x64 in VMWare, and running WMP 10 once and installing the Device driver, I connected the Zen to the virtual XP machine and ran the firmware upgrade again.

It took a bit of juggling to get the timing of the "Reload OS" and firmware upgrade right but the software finally found the device and installed the new firmware. It hung on the "Player is now rebooting" screen and never got out of that but the upgrade was successful and Windows 7 immediately recognised the full 60GB as a disk.

For the record, I used the following downloads (the Creative website is experiencing a little server troubles so it took me a while to find them)
- JB3MV2_PCWDRV_US_2_01_00.EXE The newest Creative Zen Xtra driver for Windows
- ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03.exe The newest Creative Zen Xtra firmware

I didn't use the following software but i got the download links:
- ZENZ_PCAPP_LB_1_40_03_MTP.exe The plays for sure suite? (Had to use the Japanese website)
- JB3MV2_PCWDRV_US_1_30_03.EXE Older driver, probably not suitable for Vista/Win7
- Original Installation CD of Zen Vision:M (People claim it contains Creative Media Source 5)

I also uploaded them somewhere for safe keeping. So, if the above links don't work, try these:

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Angry Dead Zen while atempting to upgrade firmware - HELP!

I was upgrading my zen firmware when, near the end of the progress bar, the zen turned off itself (while the firmware said it would be restarting) and hanged up there.

After a while waiting, tried to turn the device manually without success.
Tried to reset it, and just about everything else that came to my mind, but it seems to be dead.

By the way, the firmware progress is still waiting for the device to restart...

Note: Lost my charger, so I'm charging the battery with an external charger. It was fully charged, but can it be necessary to use external to power the device on firmware upgrade? Should I spend more money on a charger to solve this out or do you have any other idea?


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You should've been using the wall charger to start with. Anytime you have an Xtra connected to a computer you should be using the wall charger as well. The battery does NOT charge via USB only thru the wall charger so if you don't have one get one because you won't be able to load music to the player without it. A PSP (playstation portable) wall charger can be used with the Xtra.
Sit Down, Shut Up, Don't *!@#*^#!! With Me. I'm Drivin'
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Unhappy Charger for my dead zen...

You're right and I knew that. But I had the battery fully charged and even the firmware accepted its condition. I read it after and it still has 3,8V so it wasn't a faulty battery...

I don't know anyone else around me that has an mp3 like mine and I already spent some money buying a new battery and hardisk. Would like to avoid buying a charger without knowing I can save the zen from this faulty attempt to update the firmware...

Your idea of using a psp charger might work, though. It's easier to find someone that might have one of those.

I tried previously both a 4,5V and a 6V Sony chargers, but didn't recognize it...

Did any of you tried other charger then the original or the psp charger?

Did anyone else have the same problem (dead zen after firmware update or any other case)? did you find any solution for it?
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Angry Creative assistence...

At the same time I posted here yesterday, I've also contacted Creative assistance... Take a look at their reply:

Thank you for writing in to Creative.
Based upon the age of your product, it appears it has reached its End of Service Life (EOSL). As such, support for your product is limited to the information and resources that were available on the Creative Customer Support website before it was discontinued.
You're welcome to visit our support website at to access the following support resources that may be available for your product:
Knowledge Base of expert solutions, frequently asked questions, and reference material
Download drivers and application updates
Auto update will automatically detect and download the latest updates for you (not available for all products)
Product documentation
User-to-user customer discussion forums
If you are still covered under a Creative Care Protection Plan (CCPP) and are within the warranty and service coverage of your plan, please reply back with the e-mail address the plan was purchased under, as well as your CCPP order and reference number.
For complete information regarding Creative's EOSL program, please visit the following link:
If you still require assistance, please reply to this email and include any previous correspondence to ensure a quick response.
Best Regards,

Is this the best assistance center or what?!? If my attempts to recover it wont succeed I'm buying an Ipod!!!
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