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Default can i trust ebay for cx300's?

i have decided on getting a pair of sennheiser cx300's but missed out on amazons $40 price.

they have these phones all over ebay, but they are all by the same 2 or 3 sellers. they are either from china or the uk. would you trust these guys? they all have good feedback.

they all say OEM, but doesnt OEM mean "knockoff"? or does sennheiser get these phones from a manufacturer and put their logo on it, and thats what makes them even if i bought them from amazon i would still be buying an OEM product?

*i will post this oh too since it seems more active, but i am awaiting account activation*
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I signed up for recently but it took about 3 days for the activation e-mail to be sent to me.
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I too was recently looking on ebay for these headphones, and I too didn't trust these sellers (especially with $20 shipping). I ended up getting them from tigerdirect for $50 + $7 shipping. Not as good as the ebay "deals", but this is a retailer I have had experience with and trust.

Good luck.
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ya. i think they have the shipping set at such a high price so that the price of the phones looks like a good deal, but it ends up being 25-40$ which is what i was hoping to find on ebay.

*my head-fi account was activated overnight =). so ill be asking the same question there, maybe someone there got them on ebay since they seem pretty popular there.
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Make sure you search extensively on Head-Fi before posting. That boards gets 500+ active threads per day and the question has probably already been asked. Depending on who gets to your thread first, you might get some unpleasant replies if the answer to your thread is just a few posts below yours. Some of those guys are brutal.

One of the reasons ebay sellers list items with low prices and high shipping is because ebay charges a percentage of the item's list price, not the total price with shipping. They pay less to list an item for $20 + $30 shipping than if they list it for $45 + $5 shipping. Scammers.
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i have read i few pages back and done a search so i think im ok.

and i dont mind if they are scamming/loopholing ebay, as long as they dont scam me
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Default I got CX300 from eBay

I wasn't too keen on the "OEM" versions so I found a seller with product in factory packaging. They seem fine and to my aged ears sound about the same as the Creative EP630s I got for the spousal unit.

The CX300s did arrive in a sealed, genuine looking Sennheiser logoed package. Even the "English" instructions read more like the Germlish (Germans writing English) than Chinglish. The latter being the "all your base are belong to us" ilk.

As I recall, my accepted bid ended up being around GBP 5.00 (GBP = UK Pounds) with shipping at GBP 9.99. All together that's about USD $30, and it took about two weeks for them to arrive in the mail. UK vendor -allegedly- and Hong Kong shipping address.

I can't speak for you of course but I accepted the risk and a happy enough to do it again.

Olde Bill
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