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Default Problem with opening SonicStage after XP reload

I had to reload XP on my Dell because of a corrupted driver. When I tried to open SonicStage afterwards, I received the error "Cannot locate needed files related to Windows Media Format. Exiting SonicStage." I click "Ok". I get "Cannot find database file, or the database file is corrupted. Click ok to recover the database...blah, blah, blah." In the end, it just exits. I went to Microsoft and they said to reinstall SonicStage. I did. Same result. I then loaded a patch Microsoft offered (WindowsXP-KB887811-x86-enu.exe), and it, too, proved useless. Anyone have any ideas?
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I ran into the same problem a couple of years ago. "Luckily", I had all my songs in my Network Walkman and thought that re-importing them into a fresh OS with a new Sonicstage would be okay. I was wrong. Basically, Sonicstage didn't let me load the songs from the Sony Walkman because it didn't recognize any of the songs in its database.

I basically had to delete all the music from my Walkman and start fresh (ie. re-download all the tunes).

Sony's Sonicstage is a farce.

Sorry, I have no advice here. Good luck to you.
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