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Post The Official Insignia NS-DV Feature Request List

Welcome to the Insignia NS-DVxG Feature Request/Bug Report Thread

This thread was created by the community, as a central area where the Insignia MP3 Team can easily find what features we would like to have on the NS-DVxG series, and future players from Insignia.

So here's how it works. You suggest a feature, and I'll put it in the "New Requests" category (Note: By suggesting a feature, you automatically vote "yes" for it). Once there, it may be voted on by other members. If it receives at least 1 more "yes" vote, it'll be moved to the "Low Priority" category. If it receives 3 more "yes" votes, it'll move to the "High Priority" category. If a feature receives 5 "no" votes, it may be placed in the "Recycle Bin", but only if the "no" votes outnumber the "yes" votes.

You may also submit bug reports. If a bug receives 2 "yes" votes, it'll be moved to high priority. Please be sure to include the version of firmware you are presently running when submitting a bug.

1. New feature suggestions should be encapsulated in asterisks, like this, "**Feature I would like...**". Simply because it will make it easier for me to find.

2. When voting, please use this syntax: "Feature or bug name - Yes or No", and include the ID number if you can. The ID number makes it easier for me to find the feature you want to vote for.

3. Bug reports should be prefixed with: "BUG:" like so; "BUG: My player locks up when I..." .

4. If you know the ID number of the feature you're looking for, you can quickly find it by pressing Ctrl + F, and putting a dash (-), plus the feature ID (no spaces) in the box. e.g. "-63".

__________________________________________________ ___
Total Votes Counted: 647
Total Features Requested: 65
Non-Software Related: 8 Change Reqs.: 13
Total Possible Bugs Found: 29
Features which might make it into next, or subsequent firmware release: 33
Bugs which might be fixed in next, or subsequent firmware release: 9
Last Updated: April, 16th, 2008 at 12:50PM (GMT-7)
Latest firmware version: 1.930 Released: April '08
Next firmware release date: Unknown
Features implemented so far: 28
Bugs fixed so far: 25
__________________________________________________ __

High Priority:
  • ID

  • -6 Wallpaper [21 votes]
  • -21 Multiple on-the-fly playlisting [23 votes]
    (Description: Multiple on the fly playlists, with the ability to save, name, and edit -- insert to, append to, move within, and remove from -- playlists)
  • -8 Portrait mode [17 votes]
    (Description: Rotates the screen 90 degrees, so you can hold player vertically, for single handed use)
  • -24 Video/Photo Folders [13 votes]
    (Description: Allow Videos and Photos to be organized by folders)
  • -44 Add percentage and time for battery [13 votes]
    (See feature 40)
  • -39 Games [12 votes | -6 Votes]
  • -47 Option to configure thumbwheel sensitivity [12 votes]
  • -84 Option to mute audio while scanning through audio [11 votes]
  • -32 COLOR SCHEME: Purple/Gray [7 votes]
  • -29 COLOR SCHEME: Orange/Gray [6 votes]
  • -31 COLOR SCHEME: Green/Gray [6 votes]
  • -30 COLOR SCHEME: Red/Gray [7 votes]
  • -45 Holding the menu button opens up a context menu [9 votes]

How it could work: Briefly pressing the power button takes you to the main menu. Briefly pressing the menu button takes you to the last menu you were. Holding the menu button brings up a sub-menu, which contains options relevent to the function you are currently using, i.e.
  1. When playing music: "Scan" "Repeat" "Shuffle", "Set Bookmark", "Go to Bookmark".
  2. When viewing text: "Scroll" "Autoscroll" "Autoscroll Speed", "Go to page:".
  3. When viewing photos: "Scroll" "Slideshow", "Slideshow Speed:" "Repeat", "Thumbnails" "Set as Wallpaper".
  4. When viewing video: "Scan", "Set Bookmark" "Go to Bookmark".
  5. When playing Audiobooks: "Scan", "Set Bookmark", "Go to Bookmark".
    "Scan"/"Scroll" would allow the user to scan through a song/video/text, or though photos using the thumbwheel. Pressing play could quickly disable it, so volume can be operated again. Related: 4, 2, 9, 6, and 7
  • -18 Lyrics display [6 votes]
    (Description: Lyrics scroll on the screen, in sync with the currently playing song)
  • -34 When charging with an AC adapter, the player should give some kind of sign that it's actually doing something [8 votes]
    (Description: Currently, when charging with an AC adapter, while the unit is powered down, the player appears dead. Instead, it should give the user a message, such as "Battery is charging, power is off" and the LCD should shut off after a certain period of time. And when any key is pressed, except the power key, it should display that message. When the battery is full, it should say something like, "Charging Complete" or "Battery Full")
  • -14 Display a volume indicator icon on the Now Playing screen [7 votes | -1 vote]
  • -42 LCD backlight should shut off if the player is connected to a computer for a certain period of time [9 votes]
    (Description: The player should obey the backlight timeout setting while connected to a computer. This will prevent unnecessary wear on the backlight, and keep people from going crazy if they're trying to sleep in the same room... )
  • -37 User customizable boot screens/animations [8 votes]
  • -11 Scroll off-screen text in the "Next:" area [7 votes]
  • -7b BUG:{Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200 } After disconnecting a battery charger, the player will pause any currently playing media. [2 votes| - 1 vote]
  • -17b BUG:{Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200} Player doesn't fully remember menu history [3 votes]
    (Description: For example, on my player, if I go to Artist>"The Panic Chanel">"ONe">"Bloody Mary", and then play the song. If I press and hold the menu button, it takes me back to the album "ONe", which is what it should do. But, if press and hold the menu button again, it takes me all the way back to the main menu. It should have gone back to "ONe", and then back to "The Panic Channel", etc. See also: 6c)
  • -64 Visualizations [7 votes]
  • -73 Option to display bitrate and media type in now playing screen [6 votes]
  • -16 Ability to remove songs from the "Now Playing" song list [5 votes]
  • -46 Screensavers [5 votes]
  • -22b BUG: {Minor, Confirmed, Firmware 1.105, 1.200, 1.930} While playing music in shuffle mode, hitting the back |<< button plays the next song on the list. It should go to the previous song played. [4 votes]
  • -14b BUG:{Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200, 1.930} After charging, or syncing, player looses temporary bookmark, and starts at the beginning of the music collection. [5 votes]
  • -77 Option to enable audio feedback [5 votes]
    (Description: The player would make an audible sound such as a 'click' whenever an item is highlighted, a button is pressed, or a message window pops up.)
  • -58 FM Timer Recording [5 votes]
    (Description: Allows users to schedule a time for the player to start recording the FM radio)
  • -5c <FCR> Remove "Play" from the context menu [5 votes]
    (CB: When browsing through albums or artists, the context menu that appears when you highlight an album or artist and press the play/pause button gives you two play options "Play All", will play all songs in your library, and "Play" will play all songs by that artist. PB: Since this is a context menu (or it appears to be) the only thing that should be in this menu is, "Play", and "Add to Now Playing", as you can already play all songs in the collection by using the Play All" tab. It seems unnecessary to have two ways to accomplish the same thing. )
  • -17 Ability to rearrange songs in the "Now Playing" song list [5 votes]
  • -28 Audio Crossfading [5 votes]

Low Priority:

-72 Hidden Folders [2 votes]
(Description: Add an option in the main menu called "Personal Folders", or something. This option would be linked to a special folder on the player. All files in this folder would be indexed in a library, separate from the main library. This would be useful for keeping podcasts out of the main music library. Or for keeping another users music, separate from yours. And perhaps you could have sub folders within this special folder (like "Glens Music", "Podcasts" etc.)

-8c <FCR> Allow the player to fast-forward and rewind within tracks while paused [4 votes | -1 vote]
(Current behavior: When the player is paused, holding the |<< and >>| buttons skips from track to track rapidly.)

-66 Alarm clock function [7 votes]

-69 FLAC audio support [5 votes]

-8n Leather version of the silicone case (except with a vinyl window over the screen), no protective flaps, cardboard, or foam, just leather. [2 votes]

-7n Future player body color: Cherry [3 votes]

-6n Future player body color: Navy [2 votes]

-5n Future player body color: Grape [2 votes]

-4n Future player body color: Mint [2 votes]

-3n Future player body color: Bubblegum [2 votes]

-2n Future player body color: Sport Yellow [2 votes]

-1n Future player body color: Snow [3 votes]

-6c <FCR> Reverse menu button operation [4 votes]
(PB: Pressing the "Menu" button briefly should take you to the previous screen, and holding it down should take you to the main menu. CB: Currently, it's just the opposite, which isn't what most users expect.)

-40 Display battery voltage info in the information menu [3 votes]
(Description: Very useful for diagnosing battery problems, or seeing exactly how much charge you have left).

-41 Turn power button into a shortcut key for frequently-used features (shuffle, repeat, LCD brighness, etc.) by brefily tapping it [4 votes]

-43 Expandable artists/albums/genres in library [3 votes]
(Description: Selecting an artist or album and pressing the play pause button expands it, without changing screens, revealing all albums/songs by that artist, like the settings menu does.)

-22 Audio fade option [3 votes]
(Description: Audio fades in and out when song is stopped/started, paused, or player is powered off/on, like the iAudio U3, or iriver clix)

-4c <FCR> Decrease thumbwheel sensitivity while backlight is off, or dimmed [3 votes]
(CB: The backlight will turn on if just about anything accidentally bumps the thumbwheel. This causes unnecessary battery drain, while in a pocket, or a bag. PB: When the backlight is off, the user should be required to give the thumbwheel a good quarter turn or so before the display wakes up, insuring the turn was intentional. )

-61 GAMES: Tetris [3 votes]

-76 In-Player Renaming Ability [2 votes]

-75 In-Player Advanced Tag Editor [2 votes |-1 vote]

-27 The ability to record in the MP3 format [3 votes]

-1c <FCR>: Change the license update reminder [3 votes]
(CB: When licenses are about to expire, one beep is heard before every song is played.
PB: One beep/reminder per session or change the reminder sound).

-COLOR SCHEME: Orange/Blue [2 votes | -1 vote]

-68 Option to zoom video [2 votes]

-67 GAMES: Breakout [ 2 votes]

-10c <FCR> Player should ignore the word "The" in song titles, album titles, and artist names when sorting alphabetically
[3 votes]

-70 Option to prevent LCD from waking up when volume adjustment is made [2 votes]
(Description: Useful if you are constantly adjusting volume levels and don't need the LCD waking up every time)

-85 GUI editor [2 votes]
(Description" Maybe a program that can help change the color/background/text/whatnot for the players GUI, and then create a little file that can be loaded onto the player. Kind of like a skin creator.")

New Requests:

-74 Add ability to control more bands to EQ [3 votes | -1 vote]

-72 "Play Previous" option [1 votes]
(Description: For example, you're watching a video and want to take a break and listen to some music, you will loose your position in that the video. You could select the "Play Previous" option (perhaps placed at the top of the file list) and the player would resume where you left off. See also: 71, 4 )

-71 Remember posistions in menus after powering off or choosing another function [1 vote]
(Description: Currently, the player actually will remember your position in every single tab in the library, but it will forget everything as soon as you exit the library. It would be nice if it continued to remember even after you exit the library, or power off. See also: 70, 6c )

-65 Support for Chinese (Simplified) language [1 vote]

-60 VOX feature for line-in recording [1 vote]
(Description: The player would start recording when sound levels exceed a cetain threshold, and pauses recording when drops below the threshold)

-12b BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200, 1.930} Custom EQ is difficult to select [1 vote]
(Description: CB: When highlighting the custom EQ, pressing the select button activates a configuration menu, where you can adjust the EQ. Pressing the select button again, deactivates the configuration menu, at which point you must press the skip > button for the custom EQ to become activated. PB: Highlighting the custom EQ option, and pressing the select button should activate the custom EQ, as well as activate the EQ configuration menu. Once the user is done configuring, pressing select should deactivate the configuration menu, and the user should now be free to exit the EQ screen any way they choose, without loosing their choice.)

-2b BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: Unknown} Album art does not display when songs are transferred in MSC mode (in the file tags and/or as a jpeg in the album folder)[/size] [1 vote]

-38 Improved Macintosh support [1 vote]
(Description: Give users the ability to convert videos, and update firmware using their Macs)

-62 Display lyrics text [1 vote]
(Description: It has already been proposed to add a lyrics display that shows lyrics synchronized with the song. It has also been proposed to add a text viewer. It might be a good idea to have a shortcut to a text file containing lyrics on the now playing menu. The player could add a "Lyrics" folder, and identify the correct lyrics file by finding one with the same filename as the song.)

-76 Add option to sort by year to music library [1 votes]

-36 BUG:{Major, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200} Audio Stutters when playing WAV file while in menu [1 vote]

-40 BUG:{Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.200} Player forgets currently playing track upon microSD insertion/removal [1 vote]

-88 Gapless Offset [1 votes]
(Description: Because the silence between tracks vary greatly depending on how they were encoded, it is difficult to create a one-size-fits-all gapless setting. This feature would allow the user to adjust the duration of silence between tracks to something that best suites their music collection. This option would tell the player, in milliseconds how prematurely to skip tracks.
Options could be: -500ms -250ms -100ms Off (e.g., "-500ms" would tell the player to skip tracks 500ms before the current track has ended, reducing or eliminating any silence))

-42 BUG: {Unconfirmed, Major, Firmware: 1.200} USB connection fails when connecting to a computer with several other USB devices already connected (Eg: laptop on a dock). [1 vote]



  • -7c <FCR> In the music library, pressing |<< or >>| should move you through the tabs as well [1 vote]
  • -90 Change "Initialize" to "Reset Settings". "Initialize" seems to confusion as to what this option does. [1 votes]
  • -12 <FCR> Power off delay is excessively long [3 votes]
(Current Behavior: Player takes 2 seconds to display the shutdown timer window, then the user must wait an additional 4 seconds for the timer bar to fill. Proposed behavior: Remove initial 2 second delay, decrease shut down timer to 3 seconds)-
  • -87 Change how the player handles microSD insertion/removal [1 votes] (Description: Currently, while indexing the contents of a newly inserted microSD card, the player gives no user-feedback making it appear to be frozen. The player should display a message telling the user it is indexing the card.
Same applies for removing the card. Currently, a message a appears showing the card removal was successful; but again, the player appears to hang while rebuilding the library. It should display a "Rebuilding library, please wait..." message after the card removal message.
  • -89 Car Mode [1 votes] (Description: When enabled, the player will stop playing any media when power is diconnected (ie, ignition is turned off) so that the player will turn off according to your power off setting. When power is restored (ignition switched back on) the player will power up and resume playback where it left off.
  • When disabled, the player will coninue playing regarless of whether power is applied/removed from USB port.)
  • -19 Change boot screen [3 votes]
(Description: The current green boot screen looks incredibly out of place compared to the rest of the GUI)
  • -59 Photo slideshow [4 votes]
  • -33 COLOR SCHEME: Black/Gray [7 votes]
  • -36 Ability to choose different color schemes/themes [28 votes]
Top color choices:
________Purple_________________Orange_____________ ____Green__________________Red___________________B lack_________You can find these, and other possible color choices to vote on, below.
  • -3 In-player file deletion [35 votes] (Description: Gives users the ability to select and delete various files from the player)
  • 4 Audio/Video Bookmarks [26 votes]
  • -1 Gapless Playback [17 votes]
  • -2 Option to scan through audio/video using the thumbwheel [22 votes] (Usage notes: while playing, hold play/pause button down. To resume, breifly press play pause)
  • -56 .m3u Playlist Support [4 votes]
  • -15 File Tree Browsing [17 votes]
    (Description: Allows you to browse files and folders directly, instead of through the database)

  • -10 While scanning through a song or video, scan speed should slowly increase [17 votes]
  • -9 Browse Photo Thumbnails [12 votes]
    (Description: Ability to browse photos with a thumbnail preview)
  • -5 Option to mute audio while scanning through video [10 votes] (Usage notes: Can be acsessed by going to 'Settings' > 'Audio' > 'Video Scan Mute')
  • -12 Show artist name following the song title in the "NEXT:" area [7 votes]
  • -26 Higher Line-In WMA Recording Bitrates [2 votes]
  • 11c <FCR>: {confirmed, Minor, Firmware: 1.105} Fix poor grammar/change feature wording [1 vote]
    1. Change "NEXT" to "Next"
    2. Change "Video Skip Mute" to "Video Scan Mute"
    3. Change "LCD" > "On" / "Off" to "On Standby" > "Dim" / "Off".
    4. Change MicroSD unmount message from "microSD unMount success" to "microSD card removed
    5. When attempting to format a non existant or damaged card: Change message from, "Error! Unable SDMMC
    In This device" to "Unable to format microSD card"
    6. When formatting external memory: Change from “Please wait for erasing...” to “Erasing, please wait...”
  • -78 Changed main menu UI [0 votes] (voluntary)
  • -79 Changed 30 second sleep time to 30 mins [1 vote] (this one's for you, landale)
  • -80 Alphabetical listings for Video/Audible lists. [2 votes]
  • -81 Player uses backlight brightness setting during sync/charge [0 votes] (voluntary)
  • -85 Thumbwheel sensitivity decreased [0 votes] (voluntary)
  • -82 Thumb wheel acceleration [0 votes] (voluntary)
(Description: Instead of scrolling at one speed, the player scrolls faster the longer you turn the wheel)

  • -38 BUG:{Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.200} With the backlight timeout set to 2 seconds, it is impossible to turn the player off [2 votes]
  • -39 BUG:{Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.200} Remnants of the "Now Playing" list flash briefly when cycling between the list, and full-screen album art. [3 votes]
  • -41 BUG: {Confirmed, Major, Firmware: 1.200} Causes BSOD or reboot when connecting the player in MSC mode after loading with more than 2GB of media in MTP mode. [5 votes]
  • 37 BUG:{Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.200} Player ignores some key presses [5 votes]
  • -9b BUG: {Confirmed, Major, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200} Battery indicator remains full (solid blue) even after prolonged use (this bug can be difficult to reproduce). [7 votes]
  • 7b BUG:{Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105, 1.200 } After disconnecting a battery charger, the player will pause any currently playing media. [2 votes| - 1 vote]
  • 5b BUG: {Unconfirmed, Minor, Firmware: 1.105} Unless selected directly on a song name, "Play All" plays certain albums in an unusual order. Similar things happen with "Play,". [1 vote]

  • -20b BUG: {Major, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105}Player hesitates to scan backwards in Audible files. [1 vote]
    (Description: When attempting to scan backwards in an audio book, the player will scan back a few seconds, then scan forward a few seconds. It might repeat this process a few times before eventually going back smoothly).

  • -15b BUG: {Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105} When waking up the player, backlight briefly flickers when brightness is set to 1 [1 vote] (Description: When the brightness is set to 1, and the LCD is set to "On", and the screen goes to sleep, when you wake it up, it'll flash briefly. It seems as if the brightness is jumping up to 8 and then back down to 1 again.
  • -24b BUG: {Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware 1.105} Player forgets the photo viewer was being used [1 votes]
    (Description: When viewing photos, pressing menu, and pressing it again takes you to the "Now Playing" screen. Pressing menu again should have returned you to the photo you were viewing.)
  • -27b BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105} White screen if power button is held while hold is on [1 vote]
    (Description: If you hold the power button down while the hold switch is on, the screen turns on and displays the hold switch warning and then fades to white. The white screen will remain until you let up on the power button. )
  • -29b BUG: {Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105} If a photo is zoomed in on, while rotated, the buttons to pan up and pan down are reversed. [1 vote]
  • -26b BUG: {Unconfirmed, Major, Firmware: 1.105} Using the "Add now playing" function breaks the shuffle feature, the player will play songs in the order in which they were added. [1 vote]
  • -31b BUG: {Firmware 1.105, Unconfirmed} If over 1000 songs are loaded onto MSD card, player only indexes the first 1000. [1 vote]
(Notes: internal and external database file limits changed to 2000)
  • -25b BUG: {Minor, Confirmed, Firmware 1.105} Play/Pause button cannot be used to select a track in the "Now Playing" track browser [2 votes]
  • -27b BUG: {Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105} While a video is paused, returning to a previous menu will cause the player to retain the paused image as the backdrop. [3 votes]
    (To reproduce: Start playing a video, pause the video (the paused movie image will be on screen), and hold down the menu button until you enter the last-visited menu location. Instead of the usual blue backdrop, the paused movie image will continue to display underneath the words, lists, and icons.)
  • -30b BUG: {Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105} Player has trouble processing audio if a song starts while browsing library [7 votes]
    (Steps to reproduce: Play a song, and scan to nearly the end of it. Press the up (^) key or go to the library and enter a tab before the song ends. Once the song ends and a new one starts, the player should have a hard time playing the audio while you scroll through a list. Thanks to Garman for figuring out how to reliably reproduce this!
  • -8b BUG: {Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105} FM radio can be heard while playing video watch[2 votes]
    (Steps to reproduce: Play a video. Press menu. Listen to the radio. Press menu. Select "photo". Press menu. Select "Now Playing". Video will now play with the FM radio in the background. Note: If you can't hear it, turn the volume down. Turning the volume down controls the volume of the video, but not the radio.
  • -28b BUG: {Minor, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105} If scrolling quickly multiple times, player must complete the number of scrolls it received before responding to input again [4 votes]
  • -10b BUG:{Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105} White screen when a USB charger is used [2 votes]
    (Description: When charging the unit with a USB charger, while powered down, powering the unit up with the charger still connected results in the LCD showing a blank white screen, although the player is still fully functional. Problem can be remedied with a simple reboot.
  • -11b BUG:{Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105} When charging with a USB charger, the animated battery icon stays on top of other GUI elements in some menus. [1 vote]
    (Steps to reproduce: Plug a stand alone USB charger into the unit. Look at some photos, the battery icon will appear over the photo. Go to the music library, the battery icon is on top of the category text. Open the information menu, battery icon is over the corner of the window. )
  • -6b BUG:{Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105}Player attempts to search for PC when there obviously isn't one. [5 votes]
    (Description: When connected to a battery charger, the player will start searching for a PC. After 8+ seconds, it will give up and go to the now playing screen. If you were listing to, or watching media content at the time, you will have lost your position.
  • -16b BUG: {Major, Confirmed, Firmware: 1.105} Audible files become garbled after rewind listen [3 votes]
    (Steps to reproduce: Rewind a story for a few minutes, and then let it play normally. Usually after about 10 to 30 minutes, the sound will become garbled and might play very slowly. Scanning forward or back a second usually remedies the problem. )
  • -23b BUG: {Minor, Confirmed, Firmware 1.105} When starting a playlist in shuffle mode, player always begins with the first song in the list [3 votes]
  • -35b BUG: {Minor, Confirmed, Firmware 1.105} Video/audible files are not sorted alphibetically [2 votes]

Recycle Bin
  • -7 Text Viewer [18 votes | -2 votes]
> > (reason for removal: not possible due to hardware limitations)
  • -18b BUG:{Confirmed, Minor, Firmware: 1.105} "Thump" and "Tick" noise during power on and power off. listen [3 votes]
(reason for removal: hardware issue)
  • -3b BUG: {Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105} Animated battery icon freezes while syncing[/size] [1 vote] (reason for removal: extremely minor)
  • -4b BUG: {PIP, Minor, Unconfirmed, Firmware: 1.105} In the primary headphone jack only, power off ends with a "whoosh", sounds like dissipating air. [1 vote | -1 vote] (reason for removal: hardware issue)

{Confirmed} = At least two people have experienced this bug.
{Unconfirmed} = Only one person has experienced this bug.
{Major} = This bug affects normal operation of the player.
{Minor} = This bug does not affect normal operation of the player.
{PIP} = Possibly Isolated Problem. This may be a hardware malfunction, specific to a single player.
{Firmware:} = Firmware version this bug is present in.

<FCR> = Feature Change Request. Requesting the modification of an existing feature/function.
CB = Current Behavior. How a feature/function behaves currently.
PB = Proposed Behavior. How a feature/function should behave.

Feature preview images are merely representations of what I think a feature may look like. They are not meant to represent what a feature will actually look like if implemented.

All images, audio, and video are Copyright © 2006 Tobey Phillips, unless noted otherwise.
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