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Default Nano Plus won't shut off

So, I'm hoping someone here has experienced the same problem I'm having, since I'm not happy with Creative's solution.
I've had my Nano for about 5 months with little or no problems. Neat little device. Since I have 2 iPods I use it mostly as a temporary storage device. I've got a couple spreadsheets I add figures to daily, and they've gotten pretty big. The Nano seemed a perfect way to have them with me where ever I am.
I went to plug the Nano into my computer a couple days ago and it wasn't recognized. I checked the device and, while it was plugged into the computer, it was playing an mp3. I unplugged it, paused the song and plugged it back in and it wasn't recognized. I shut the device off, it restarted and continued playing the mp3. I shut it off, it restarted and it went back to playing. I pulled the battery, replaced it (2 or 3 times) and it came back on playing the mp3. Nothing I do can induce it to do anything but keep playing mp3s. I can only pause it.
I've contacted Customer Support and was linked initially to a page solveing connectivity issues. I replied that this was a power issue not a connectivity issue. They replied that I should send it in to be replaced, and since it was out of the 3 month labour warrenty it would be $25 for the diagnostics. I'm not too thrilled about the $25, but the "Creative is not responsible for any lost data" disclaimer makes me pause. I do want to extract the spreadsheets before I do anything.
So, I have to questions;
1. Has anyone had this problem (won't stop playing) and were they able to fix it?
2. If I have to send it in to be replaced, does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can retrieve the data? I'm not against losing the player and cracking it open for some reason. I need to get that data.
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