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Default Copy movie files in MTP mode.

I'm not sure if someone has already discovered this but I tried a search and didn't find anything.
A lot of people will notice that you can't directly transfer movie files (.mov) to the Sansa in MTP mode without converting them first. Otherwise, you will get an error about the device only supports audio files. My problem is I preconverted a lot of movies and didn't want to use MSC mode. I noticed that .mp3, .wav, .wma can be copied (though I thought that wma files are not supported by Sansa, I think <-- may be wrong but that was the clue) So I messed with the registry and finally found a way to copy files with any extension in MTP mode.


1. Run regedit
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Portable Devices\FormatMap
3. Add a key named ".mov" without quotes
4. Add a string "ContentType" with data "{4AD2C85E-5E2D-45E5-8864-4F229E3C6CF0}" without quotes
5. Add a string "Format" with data "{30090000-AE6C-4804-98BA-C57B46965FE7}" without quotes
6. Voila, you can drag and drop movie files now. You can repeat 4 and 5 with .bmp as well.

The trick is basically to trick windows into thinking that .mov is an audio file (.mp3 to be exact) for "Windows Portable Devices". This may be very crude but it works. This should not affect other functionality of Windows. Now we all can use MTP with more freedom.

Do you guys think this can be "Hints and Tips III"?
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