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Default Any comments about Logitech speakers

I ordered this from Amazon, and I am expecting it on Wednesday. I heard lots of good reviews for it but I want to find out what people on this forum say about it, I trust this forum rather than Amazon reviews

Those are the speakers

Thank you if you comment.
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Logitech makes decent speakers for a good price... I don't know this specific model, but others I heard in the sub-$100 range were quite nice for the price.

I'm fairly sure it beats these 295.00 speakers anytime:

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Don't know about that particular model, but I own some Z3's which I'm extremely pleased with.

Except the pot is starting to get scratchy... I guess after 2 and a half years, it's due for a cleaning.
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I recently bought the Logitech Z-5500 and I am really pleased with them, they are just what I expected. Logitech's subwoofers are loud and although they lack a bit of punch they are great, so if you are picky with subwoofers this brand is for you.
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I got a really portable Logitech mm28. I'm not too picky, and love that it's totally self contained, no distortion even at full volume, and runs on AC or AA batteries. here is a retail linky:

(But I got one off ebay for $20!) Works Great!
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they're fair. for the money, its probably the best you can do besides buying used stuff.
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I love the mm28's. They're loud, long lasting, easy to travel with, and have great sound. Get them for 13.99 at
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The X230's are good for the price. I got a friend that uses them, and they're not bad at all.
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I have the 5.1 version of these and they sound good with some eq'ing, especially on the high end. The bass is solid and not boomy like other subs. Probably the best for the price.
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I recently picked up an mm-28 speaker (weird not saying speakerS) and for a portable, they have suprisingly good sound. The bass is much better than other posts I've read here and elsewhere. Only downside is Logitech's decision to use a short cable for connecting to the player (which other people have pointed out). For the price, they're more than worth it.

I'd buy these again in a heartbeat.
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I own the z2300 2.1 set. After about 8 months with these, they perform flawlessly. Most majority of PC subwoofers are quite boomy, however on these all you have to do is pick a good placement for the subwoofer. If you put it in the middle Vs. in the corner of your room, there is a drastic change in sound reproduction. For their price, they are very powerful.

Good luck.
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they are pc speakers. as said logitech gives decent value for the price. but unlike other tech, you still do get what you pay for. no ones come out with a miracle set that gives you 400 dollar sound for 100 dollars. its a very low powered 5.25" subwoofer in a small sub and two small speakers instead of a tweeter and midrange. its what i like to call youtube ready.
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the z2300's are the best computer speakers for the price, picked mine up a few years ago for about $100. They do not have a tweeter but the highs are ok, the bass is good and not boomy and the mids are good.
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