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Default Creative News, thanks to SSj at Epizenter

Yesterday, Creative released their 2nd Quarter results for 2007. Compared to the last couple of quarters, Creative made a profit this time around. The net income for this quarter was $92.1 million. This amount was tremendously helped by $82 million from the settlement made with Apple. Here's a few interesting points mentioned during the conference call:

* Creative sold 2.5 million players during the holiday season
* Europe accounted for the majority of sales (51% vs 34 in the US)
* Audio products such as the Xmod didn't catch on as much as they would have liked
* Creative will be increasing their outsourcing operations and in the process will be letting go 200 employees in Europe
* Creative is the #2 provider of players worldwide

During the call, a few questions were asked regarding upcoming MP3 players. The speaker was pretty vague on details but it seems like they're putting off the release of a new player for some time. Right now they're really focused on their new X-Fi products, especially the Xdock Wireless. Creative believes their first move is to bring out these docking stations and then worry about players later on.

They did mention having private meetings with other partners at CES 2007, where they previewed their roadmap for their upcoming player(s) and other products. They stated new players will released sometime during the first half of the year, but again this was pretty vague. My guess is sometime in March, preferably during ceBIT 2007.

Another caller was wondering whether X-Fi can be implemented in a DAP and still maintain a good form-factor. Creative was a bit hesitant on the answer but said it was possible but things like battery life would be affected by the X-Fi addition. I personally think the battery life is one of the main reasons for the delay of their upcoming player. I just hope they do continue to make players, and don't become a full fledged accessory maker. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

<a href="">Q2 FY07 Financial Release</ahref>
<a href="!WebCastId~61 1637!StreamId~836881&pp=IROL-BasicWebCast&ppdp=EventId~1459633!WebCastId~611637 !StreamId~836881&pph=339&ppw=270&upv=0">Conference Call Webcast</ahref>

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