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Talking Underrated Musicians and Bands

I have been listening to early Chicago when they were known as Chicago Transit Authority. Man, let me tell you, back in their day, they rocked like it was no one else's business. Which brings me to who I think is the world's most underrated guitar player of all time - Terry Kath. Here was a man who could not only play lead guitar almost flawlessly, it has been said his rhythm guitar work was even better. The late great Jimi Hendrix himself said, when he heard him play guitar, that he was even better than him!

Here is a little write up on Terry Kath, where some people are dumb founded that he is not considered one of the greatest of all time. When you listen to his guitar work, you will also ask how on earth could Nancy Wilson and several other guitarists be on the same Rolling Stone list, and not Terry Kath. Listen to the provided song, Oh Thank You Great Spirit, and you will be amazed. It's a tune that was very ahead of its time

Below is a track of one of my favorite Chicago tunes, Liberation from their first album. I think this tune shows, as the above tune how good he really was.

Now that I made my case, what musicians do you think are very underrated?
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Originally Posted by musichound View Post
When you listen to his guitar work, you will also ask how on earth could Nancy Wilson and several other guitarists be on the same Rolling Stone list, and not Terry Kath.
Rolling Stone is an utter shit "authority" on music.

My whole slant on music is to find the relatively unknown, preferring the obscure to the "big names". I think mainly because I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and the radio market was so sad, stale and predictable, I couldn't stand to listen to it. (Even predating clear channel as a major stagnating force). This made me seek out everything that wasn't played regularly.

There's so much stuff out there it's hard to narrow it down, and I have to admit, I've thought some stuff was great from back in the day that turned out to be not so when it finally got released on CD. But 2 quick examples are Danny Gatton and Roy Buchannan.
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Big Star were very underrated during their earliest incarnation, perhaps due to poor marketing, but their 3 albums have gone on to become classics.
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If underrated means they never got the popularity they deserved, then how about Morphine?

They were a breath of fresh air in the 1990s, a rock band with jazz influences that sounded and played like no one else. I don't know about other people, but Morphine were what I call dance music, not techno and other electronic stuff.

Sadly, the band came to an end when singer/bassist Mark Sandman died of a heart attack.
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My favorite indy band in college, American Angel. They came out a couple of years before Grunge became the early '90's sound and that pretty much killed them off, although they had a new release a few years back.

Another underrated indy band that came out when I was in college is Skin N Bones. That is a dead band, now.
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