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Old 05-20-2015, 11:01 PM
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Default Looking for affordable earbuds; any suggestions?

I'm in eastern North Carolina, NC, and hoping to find a decent pair of earbuds to use with my Walkman E345. The most I could possibly spend is $40, but my budget is pretty tight right now and I would really prefer something under $30. I'll be using them primarily for listening to music, and everywhere from at home to on bike rides to waiting rooms. I need something that's comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and they do have to be earbuds - in-ear headphones just aren't very comfortable to me (although I suppose better quality ones might be better) and full headphones don't really work as well for my outdoor activities.

I've been using JVC HAF14A Gumy earbuds... certainly not that impressive but they were all I could afford at the time, and I'm hoping to upgrade to something a bit nicer now that I'm able to. I've been looking at the stickies here and doing a bit of research on my own, but I was hoping someone might have some recommendations? =)
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Old 05-20-2015, 11:56 PM
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If you don't mind foam ear pads, take a look at what Sennheiser has to offer. I have the HAF150 from JVC and they are the worst earbud I have ever heard, maybe with the exception of a pair that came with my Archos 43. If your JVCs are as bad, probably any Sennheiser is better.

I also got some time ago a pair of Koss KEB10.*They are better than the HAF150 but still worse than any of my Sennheisers.

I also liked somewhat the sound of Beyerdynamic DTX 11, but they are discontinued and only acceptable with lots of bass boost. (I boost the bass somewhat with all earbuds, but the DTX 11 needs more than average.) And build quality was quite bad.

I like the Sennheiser MX 375 and the MX 470. Sennheiser also has smaller earbuds if the big ones are too big. Of those, the MX 471 was a favourite of many, although not mine.

I have had two models from AKG and they were also a bit dissapointing but better than the JVC or the Koss. That was a while ago and now they have new models on offer. Sony and Philips also have some models. Unfortunately there are not many people who are using earbuds AND do care for sound quality these days, so it is hard to find any reliable reviews regarding sound quality. (Amazon reviews are close to useless. HAF150 is quite well received in Amazon reviews - for my ears they are unusable.)
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