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Default Why No Interest in Speakers?

Browsing through this "Headphones and Speakers" section, I note that almost all of the threads have to do with headphones and earphones, and almost no discussions about speakers, so I'm wondering why.

For myself, I record everything I can in OGG, and at the "Quality 6" setting, I find that by playing my X5L through my home stereo, what I hear is every bit as good as what the original CD's sound like on my home "studio" system.
I say that to simply point out that I like my music to sound good.

However, I also have a workspace at work where I spend some time, and I like to use my X5L there as well but without wearing earbuds because I also have to listen for the phone.

I notice that there are more and more powered speakers ("computer" speakers) being offered that have a direct input jack for pocket music players, but I haven't been much impressed with most of them.

I recently ordered (but haven't yet received) a pair of the AudioEngine 5 speakers that are getting "rave" reviews by pretty much anybody who's heard them. One of the reasons I like them is because they were designed from the get-go for use with pocket music players and are not just former computer speakers that have had a jack added to them for the portable players and remarketed as such.
I'm also anxious to hear the not-yet-available Z-240 speakers that do appear to have been developed with music players in mind, BUT, I also wonder if there are just revamped Z-230's but with a dock added for the portable players. I'm skeptical enough that I decided to go ahead and order the AudioEngine 5's and not look back.

So, is the reason people aren't talking about speakers here much is that you just don't use your pocket music players that way?


* Note my use of the term "pocket music players". I came here to the "Anything But iPod" forums because I loathe anything iPod, including the MP3 format so I like to use terms that reflect the "Anything But iPod" philosophy.
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I play my e260 through my home stereo Adventís every chance I get. I agree, I enjoy my music through speakers better, just sometimes itís not feasible.

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I just bought my Sansa e280 as a solution to play music in my car instead of switching out tons of CDs. I have yet to use headphones with it, and probably never really will. I use my new iPod Shuffle for running.
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Being into Soundquality and still in highschool I cant afford a good speaker set up, but I can afford a decent Headphone rig, so for me roght now all i pay attention to is headphones.


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Portable speakers are low quality, compared to a real Hi-Fi setup, generally... I think most people either listen to their players with headphones or on a real audio rig with a dedicated amp and speakers.

ESS, seeing where you come from with your standards of audio quality (X5! ), these AudioEngine speakers seem interesting - maybe they're better than the usual ghetto-blaster quality? I gotta find me some review...

EDIT: For that price they damn well better be good... They look good, like normal two-way shelf speakers, not some futuristic doohickey. Too bad they're another piece of "made for iPod" branded stuff - good thing they do have a standard line-in.

Of course any other powered active speakers would do the same, like the magnificent KRK or Genelec active speakers... they're studio-standard, however, and may cost a bit more.
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Holy Crap!

UPS just dropped off my AudioEngine 5 speakers. Wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I hooked them up to my X5L and chose the first song to play as "Amarantine" by Enya.

Like I said, Holy Crap! Solid bass where you can feel the pressure on your face, and highs that sparkle.
These things really are incredible, and as was said: "For that price they damn well better be good..." Yes, they are that DAMN good, and I've heard speakers that cost 3 times these that didn't sound as good as these.

One of the things that sold me on them is that they include a jack specifically made for running a sub-woofer off of them.
I had assumed I was going to do that because of the relatively small size of the main drivers, but after hearing them, I can't imagine why I would feel the need. I only ran my X5L MachIII bass setting at 3 and they still pumped out some good solid bass.

I've thrown good money away on a lot of things in my life, but this $350 was some of the best I've spent.

My .02... (actually, more like "My $350" )

Ogg and Flac or I don't listen, and the Cowon X5L and S9 do it best for me.
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