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Default Headphones for Sansa e200

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for headphones that have good sound quality with the sansa e280 (not R, if that matters). I thought the ones it came with it were kind of lame (as expected), and I lost them anyway.

I'm pretty picky about it, I like it to sound GOOD. I bought some cheapass Coby ones and they totally suck. (You get what you pay for, eh). The only one's I've tested that I was REALLY impressed by were these awesome Bose ones.. they sound amazing but they are like $170 which is way out of my price range. SO. Good headphones, 50 bucks or less? I don't like the ones that go in your ear, they mostly bother me. I like ones also with a seperate volume control. And noise-cancelling is cool, but not TOO noise cancelling cause I walk aroudn with it on at night on the streets and I'd like to hear the screeching tires coming towards me.


BUT, suggestions? Please.

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I looked. If there is another thread about it, feel free to direct me to it.
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