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Default Can Rockbox do it?!

Hello out there.
I am really thinking of buying a SanDisk e-Player ... but when I looked at it at the stores it didn't seem that you can search for files. I was wondering if you can do it with Rockbox.
And another thing. I like to listen to all my files in shuffle mode. Is it possible to search a file and play it (directly and/or as the next song) without stopping the shuffle mode? I had a Sony for a few day. It just offered a search for the first letter (i didnt even support directories :/) unluckly it just played the songs from that band or album when looking by artist/album.

I hope you were able to understand my questions. If Rockbox offers this possibilities I am quite sure what player to buy =)


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At this point Rockbox doesnt even make sound on the Sansa, so its pretty much a moot point until that works.
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Another company has joined in on helping with Rockbox for the E200, so it shouldn't be too long now....
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yes. rockbox CAN do both of those things. I have it on my iriver h10 and there the shuffle, repeat, and playlist features are the best I have ever heard of. Although rockbox is not quite ready for the sansa, Im sure It will be worth the wait. And for everyone asking "how long? how long?" I give the same answer everyone else gives. It will be ready when its ready. I would guess within very few months.. but again just a guess
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