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Default The Raven

The Raven Theme

Version 1.0 - Origionaly released 14.09.2006 (Updated: 20.10.2006 )


This theme was made because I got sick of the all too bright origional Sansa backgrounds icons etc. So I decided to make my own. Made everything in much darker tones, with different shades of dark blues, greys and blacks... Changed as much as I could make work, and in the end its a fairly complete theme. Including making my own Icons for the navigation system. All of which are fairly straitforward for me.

Version History:

1.0b 14.09.2006 - The first version that I released, had everything made and done. Still wasn't 100% sure of all the images, and toolbars I used. Some things that I might still change, but all in all a fully working theme. (This version, is basicaly the same as the 1.0a version now..)

1.0a & 1.0e 15.09.2006 - Found out the need to have 2 new versions for proper functionality of the theme. 1.0a is the American theme version, 1.0e is the European version of the Theme.

1.1a 04.10.2006 - Fixed some minor things that were wrong with the previous version. Added in a new "large" Batery Charging screen, since now *sometimes* you might be able to see it on the player Also added a new rating screen. Made some changes to the custom EQ sliders.

1.12a (WIP) 13.10.2006 - Just finnished a new Shuting down animation. Was not able to find any way to get the Batery charging screen to show. Still a Work in Progress. *Addition* Modified the animation of the connection screen to somthing more eloquent, or just plain looks better now. Changed the Shuting down animation to work slightly better with the starting animation, also modified its style to be more "Shut downy"...

2.00a & 2.00e 22.10.2006 - Well this is the final version I of this theme. Everything looks good and works fine, cant think of anything else that really needs changing. Except maybe the record screen, but I think how it is, is clear enough to keep. Changed the rating "system" to look cooler and more in theme with the rest. Also changed the brightness meter, just for fun. Changed the "Menu" icon, from the clear L to a ! mark that has the same green glow as the other icons. Changed the progress and Volume meters from the copper gradiant to a blue one. Changed the batery meter from green to blue. Then finaly changed the upper bar to match the background in the now playing screen (Less Cement bars )
So unless I get particularly annoyed with some little detail with these theme I probibly wont update it further, enjoy

Additional Information:

Things to note:

There are 2 different versions of the same version of the theme. An (A)merican and an (E)uropean version. Make sure you download the correct version for your player, as they dont cross over at all.
No idea, if either of these themes will work for any asian players. If there are asian language firmwares available, and I could get them from somewhere I probibly could get this to work, if there are problems with them being read.

The white selector while browsing music/artists lists could not be changed from the bright white it is. As I couldn't find the other white background the player puts over the first white background when the text in the field needs to be scrolled from side to side... So If I would change the selector, then it would always have a white box placed over it if the text was too long to be displayed, which didn't look nice at all...

Upcoming fixes/changes for the currant theme version:

It seems while I changed the Batery Charging images, the FW does not accept them, or then there are other similar images yet to be found. So ATM, even though I modified them, when you see the batery charging screen it will still be the same old one... Unless someone else figures out why this happens there probibly wont be a change made to this theme.

Any complements, sugestions or problems with the theme you can PM or E-mail me, finaly got my e-mail freed of work related stuff so it no longer gets flooded with messages daily.

*Looks a great deal better when its actualy displayed on the player (Images from Version 1.0e)
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