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Default earphones increase volume???

The thing is i have a samsung t9 and i have the default earphones,
when i connect them to the computer they sound like 3-5 times
higher than with the t9, i was wondering, if i buy one of those
$50-99 earphones will they increase the sound of my music
when i use them with the t9???

with the default earphones someone at my side can hear the
song but i want people 15 feet from me to hear it, lol j/k

I only want some earphones that sound high and have good bass. Ty
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so much talk about high quality earphones in this
forum and no one can reply to this stupid question.

Ty all for your help
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Come on Dude don't get all antsy.

If you look through the postings here on the Headphone section you will learn the following.

1 DAPs have a set output power, some more than others.

2 Volume you hear in your headphone is not absolute but it is based on how loud the sound is above the background noise.

3 How loud a headphone will go depends on how good it is at using the miniscule output from your DAP.

4 Selecting headphones with the following will make them sound louder

a Lower resistance in ohms, look for below 32 ohm
b Higher efficiency in db per watt, a figure greater than 100 is a very sensitive headphone
c Better isolation or attenuation of outside noise. For this you will need either closed back circumaural full sized cans or closed IEM or canal-phones.

My recommendations are

Closed back/ circumaural/efficient.......Sennheiser HD201

Closed back supra-aural..........Sennheiser PX200

Closed back supra-aural neckband street stye......Sennheiser PMX200

Semi closed canal-phone.......Sennheiser CX300 or Creative EP630. People around you will hear nothing but they will go loud enough and with enough bass to make you deaf before you reach 40

You will read posts about the clip on Koss cans which a lot of people rave about.

You can tinker with the tags on your mp3 files, see posts by ZenChick

Lastly you can add a portable amp such as the PA2V2

I hope you really were joking about wanting people 15 feet away from you to hear it, cause if you did that near me you would likely get a smack after the first polite warning.

The answers are all to be found on the forum, go forth and seek the truth young jedi.
'There is a fine line between clever and stupid'..David St Hubbins
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When I read the initial post, I thought 'adjust the volume you nit'. Yes different devices have different capabilities.

Go buy some Marshmallows ($20US at Wal-Mart), see what they do for you.

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Originally Posted by pr_master View Post
so much talk about high quality earphones in this
forum and no one can reply to this stupid question.

Ty all for your help
Just google it if no one can answer your question properly.
That's what I did.
And just about every other intarwebber that doesn't explode from lack of attention.

Here, have a razor blade. I'm sure the mighty moshin' emo rangers would love you to join their drama/attention-fest.

And seriously, don't cry. I come from /b/.
Or, maybe, just maybe, this previously featured news article might do the trick.
The next thing I say is a lie. I am lying.

Last edited by Plan303e; 01-21-2007 at 08:59 PM. Reason: The nub was crying. It needed to SHUT UP.
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