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Default Collection of M2x0 information in this forum

When looking up information on the M2x0 players, it struck me how scattered all the pieces of information about this series are in this forum. I think it would be a good idea to create one thread with links to the most relevant (or sought for) information about the M240s/M250s/etc.

If moderators find the thread useful, it could be made sticky. This is a work in progress, so some information might be lacking (corrections welcome).

1) First of all, as of this writing there seem to be 4 different hardware revisions of the player - documented in Bong's report on firmware versions of the M2x0 series. In short (visit the link for details), the first digit in the firmware version specifies the hardware revision. The letter at the end specifies the region for which the firmware is intended.

It is not a good idea to flash a firmware intended for one hardware revision onto a player with a different revision - e.g. flashing firmware 2.1.0A over 3.2.8E is not expected to work.

2) The 4 series is reported to have some annoying bugs, at least in one batch:

3) At least for the 2 series there are a number of users (including myself) reporting that they succeeded in enabling the FM radio functionality on players purchased in Europe, by flashing the corresponding (2.x.xA) American firmware on to the device:

NOTE: Quite a few people thrashed their players by trying to flash a 2.x.xA firmware over a player using hardware revision 3 (as advised against in bold at item 1 in this post): Bong's report, abeetha's report. Trying to update 3.x.xE firmware to the 3.x.xA counterpart has been reported to fail due to a missing file.

There haven't been any success stories about the 4.x.x series however, somebody managed to identify the files downloaded by the firmware updater:

4) People updating to firmware 2.2.5A have reported some problems with fonts being too big. If it's your case, you might want to look up this thread. The solution is here.

5) There have been reports of music files showing up as 'Unknown Artist / Unknown Album' even though they have proper ID3v2 tags: It's been reported for both MP3 and WMA files.

6) There's been some confusion about users not being able to see some files they had copied on their M2x0: This seems, in most cases, to the incompatibility between the players' USB modes, and the 'auto' setting for the USB mode, which can make a device to function differently according to which computer it is connected to.

7) There is also a thread about how to use playlists with the M2x0 series (most normal playlists are unlikely to work without some processing):

External links:

* A page dedicated to M200 series players on wikibooks:


As always, corrections welcome!

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