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Default Which mp3: YP-Z5 (4gb) or YP-T9 (2gb)?

I'm trying to decide between getting a refurbished yp-z5 or yp-t9. They both seem to have high SQ and battery life. I also like their non-scratch surfaces. Here are some of my thoughts on each of them:

-4gb around $130
-touch pad (not sure if it's intuitive or not)
-no video (I wasn't planning on seeing movies on an mp3 player thou)
-can replace battery (a forum thread show how)

-2gb around $110
-tactile controls
-video (I could see music videos, but seeing full-length movies on a small screen doesn't appeal to me too much)

What would u guys recommend? Also, does neone have advice on getting a refurbished player.
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Where can you get a 4 GB Z5 for $130? Almost everywhere I've checked the Z5 is $20-$30 more expensive than the T9. Do post a link.

I've got a T9 - I really, really like it. The video is actually quite cool - with a little converter I can fill up the T9 with entertaining little Youtube vids. However, the T9 is known for having markedly slow transfer speeds.

The Z5 and the T9 are both known for fantastic audio quality. The Z5 is a little taller, and looks less like a cell phone. The T9 has an audio recorder, FM radio, and neat little flash games.

I don't know - it's a toss up. If they were at the prices you mentioned, it'd be hard to decide. I'm still wanting to know where to get a 4 GB Z5 for $130, though.
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Well, he did say refurbished. I got a refurb on ebay for $69! I was lucky tho - most of them have been going for $80 and up. It's been working great so far. I got a 4gb silver.

In terms of which of the two to go for however... hmmm... well, before I got my refurb, I WAS thinking of a 4gb T9. Then I thought, well, would I really watch video on a screen that small? How much would I use the radio? And I have a voice recorder on my phone and I never use that, soooo... as sexy as I found the look of the player, my heart was with the Z5. My black 2gb didn't have enough room on it, so I went with the 4gb refurb and have been lovin' it.

You'll have to weigh the options and see what you can and can't live without. I love my Z5's, so I'm kinda prejudiced.
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Does the T9 have a real-time audio input? I know someone who might get one if they can record old cassettes into MP3 directly (don't ask :-))
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If it makes or breaks your decision, The Z5s touch pad is quite annoying, it always stops right after the song you want to play. And the Z5 is laggy as hell. I have a T9 and (buh da buh ba buh) Im lovin it!
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