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Question Bluetooth Headphones, Car, & Speakers

It's far from perfect, but I am thoroughly enjoying my LG CU500.
LG is, however, always being an ass and apparently does not like my 3.5mm adapter for my Vibes. Additionally, some punk ass stole my first CU500 because of the crazy way the phone reacts to products that aren't LG proprietary or something. They noticed that the sound was blaring even though I had my Vibes connected.

But, this does prompt me to delve into BT, which is a fun little thing.
Is there anything on the market that I can get? I won't be too hard when it comes to sound quality, as I'm tending to sacrifice that for the convenience of wireless music... so long as it doesn't severely rape the experience like warping my 320k into something uglier than 96... 112 would be noticable but I'm not very sure if I'd even tolerate that. Something slightly better than FM would be... mostly tolerable so long as I'm not thinking about it.

I know my phone's only BT 1.1 but like most everything else it's A2DP.

In order of priority, I'm looking for BT headphones, car (barely glanced at one or two going from mid-300 to 600), and speakers (not too much since the cell phone is pretty loud, but the quality is like FM).

I saw a few things at the Bluetooth section, and did try out and even though they were Etymotics... they're really, really ugly... definitely pass on those, even though the reviewers liked the sound.

Remember, I'm not going to be too picky. If it's better than FM, or relatively not-noticable for a casual listener, I'm game. Battery life is also a key issue, but not so much range as it'll be in my pocket most of the time anyway.
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