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Default Looking to get an MP3 player?

This forum has become a ghost town. I was last here in 2013. MP3 players had their heyday and its over now. There are very little dedicated MP3 player buyers now that phones do it so well.

With that being said, for anyone looking for an MP3 player:

Free: prepaid and some contracts will give you a free phone. I like to root them and install viper4android. iPhones work well for this too, although this site doesn't like iPods and whatnot they do sound very clean. I haven't had dirty sounding DACs from any of my phones recently. They're excellent.

Cheap: You can get chinese stuff like AGPTEK/benjie stuff. I like the S5, it sounds very good although the UI sucks. Used stuff that supports rockbox is generally very good too. The iPod mini, and the sansa clips (the golden boy of MP3 players) I had a lot of experience with.

Expensive: S7/V20 Just get a nice phone with good parts inside for audio. If you insist on a FIIO or other high priced DAP, you are wasting money.

Right now I am using some POS samsung phone from like 2010, because the newer phones are way too big. Its a samsung continuum, which has CPU/touchscreen noise sometimes and crashes pretty often. It does have a wolfson WM8994 unlocked with voodoo sound so it sounds amazing. I also use my Sansa clip zip, and some crappy free samsung phone I got from cricket. I have an iPhone SE now, but the UI for the music player is so bad that I don't bother using it for music anymore.

Hope someone found it helpful.
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