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Old 05-08-2016, 02:07 AM
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Default Portable player with powerful integrated amp to drive HE-400i (HiFiMan)


I've bought the HE-400i (Planar magnetic 32Ohm full-sized headphones) recently (haven't actually received it yet). From what I've read, they're relatively hard to drive and both my Sansa Clip+ and iPhone aren't sufficient to drive them. I don't want to use dedicated headphone amp because of usability reasons: I simply don't want to have two connected units in my pocket, I'd prefer one integrated device. I know, this is the matter of preference, so please don't judge me for that.

Now I'm looking for a relatively cheap (under 200-250 USD) player with powerful integrated amp which is able to drive my new HE-400i properly. My requirements are:

1. Hardware buttons (I don't like touch screen in DAPs);
2. Powerful integrated amp (>100mW @ 32 Ohm)
3. Ability to play at least one lossless compressed audio format (ie. FLAC or APE or something else);
4. Great sound quality.

Now I considering to get one of these:

1. Fiio X5 1st gen;
2. Fiio X5 2nd gen;
3. Hidizs AP100;
4. Something else (I don't know).

From what I've read, I like the AP100 more: it's cheaper, it's "neutral", it doesn't have a wheel. But I didn't find the direct comparison of SQ between the AP100 and X5II.

I don't have the ability to nest neither of those players, because I live in the middle of nowhere at Russian Far (very far) East.

Could you advice me something?
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