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Default Clip+ died :-( looking for suitable succession

Hi y'all,

long time reading, first time writing :-)

Location: Germany
Capacity: 32GB+ no preference on card slot or not.
Budget: ~100
Type/Design: Music only, mostly audiobooks.
Features: Rockbox would be sweet but not necessary. Good with sensitice IEM's --> no background hiss when listening at low volume. Sleep timer. Folder navigation.
Display: With Display, Amoled would be awesome
UI/Controls: Don't care, should work.
Battery life: Secondary... longer is of course better but since mobile powerbanks are cheap and enough energy for USB can be found anywhere don't care that much.

My History:
iriver H10 20GB (rockboxed)... Liked it for the capacity back then, but was huge! Next player in Line was the Cowon S9 which I absolutely loved! Awesome display (very enjoyable album cover art) and the custom skins, not forgetting the great equalizer. Sadly a button broke and it was replaced with the J3 which was more or less the same. But since that died with a display failure I looked around for something good (2011) but none of the available players reall intrigued me, either because of crappy display or price point. Got a Sansa clip+ which was rockboxed instantly and enjoyed it very much also for the amoled screen and SQ. Battery time didn'T bother me as much as I thought. And now after nearly 5 Years the main memory died so no way to repair it.

About 50% of usage will be audiobooks in the evening to fall asleep hence the low noise level. The other half will be music at work or when cycling.

I looked around for alternatives and the Fiio X1 (120) came to mind even though it reminds me of the bulky H10 it seems to fit my needs, not sure if the display is anything to look at... I dread low contrast, washed out displays.
A new sansa clip+ for ~90 is out of question, great player, but not at that pricepoint.
Xduoo X2 seem interesting, but the terrible UI and no rockbox.

Soo... any god recommendations left?

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