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Default cowon d2/d2+ bricked - easy and quick solution

some of you may already have experienced that the d2/d2+ freezes. especially when dragging a larger number of files on the player - a known issue, and especially well known by mac users . the problem is a corrupted database which freezes or even bricks the player.

here's a really quick and easy two-step-fix in case you experience that. the d2/d2+ can be frozen in two steps:

step 1 - bad case: the player is frozen. it turns on and is recoginized by your os as external drive, but it is frozen and doesn't respond to any input.

step 2 - worst case: the player is bricked. it doesn't turn on any more and isn't recognized by your os when you plug it in via usb.

to bring the player back to life it takes two steps:

to solve step 2 - worst case: open the device and disconnect the battery. that's easily done, just remove three phillips screws, open the back cover and unplug the battery connector - this is done in a few minutes, videos are available on youtube. after reassembling your player won't work again, but will have improved to step 1 - bad case: meaning it's still frozen, but it can be turned on again and will be recognized by your os.

to solve step 1 turn the device off by pressing the "reset"-button and connect it to your computer. then simply wipe the player and format it. yes, you can do that, the firmware will not be affected by this. you must not do a quick formatting but the thorough way by deleting and reformatting the device (for mac-users: fat, of course). important note: you may experience, that after formatting the player is shown as two external drives: one named "d2" (in case you gave it that name) and one (greyed out) named "d2 xxx" (meaning "d2 med" or similar, i don't remember how exactly). don't touch the d2 xxx drive! no idea why this second drive appeared, and maybe windows-users won't experience it. i just wanted to mention.

that's it. when you start the firmware will set up the original file system on the player, you well be asked which country you live in and then you can go again.

btw: reinstalling the firmware didn't solve the problem in my case. it unbricked the player, but after that it was still frozen. so you better go through this two-step-procedure. finding the right firmware for such an old player isn't that easy, cowon global doesn't support it any more.

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