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Default Google Music Chews Through Data...

So i gave GM another go a couple weeks back and I am pretty disappointed. Yet again I was seeking new music, using the dice button (I'm feeling lucky) or whatever it is, basically supposedly using the music on my sd card to find suggested artists for me. I have two main problems;

1) Despite having an eclectic taste in music (genres spanning techno to metal to classical to rap to electronica to jazz), it always seems hell bent on producing stoner metal tracks as a suggestion. What's worse is that it keeps recommending the SAME genre track after track, so that if it suggests say the stoner metal genre, it won't ever give you a 'pop' track next, or electronica, or classical etc. Basically it won't shuffle all.
It's really weird, it's fixated on stoner metal which is odd. The only other random type of genre it will throw out at me would be songs similar to Fleetwood Mac (Easy Listening basically, of which I think I have only 3 Fleetwood Mac songs of on my sd card) :|
I have a heap of Aphex Twin, Board of Canada albums etc, never has it suggested something along those lines (for example)...

2) Despite setting as many options off as possible to minimize data consumption (caching off, low quality for audio streaming), it still chews up data like no tomorrow (when using the 'i'm feeling lucky' feature).
I did a test the other day, I went to do a school pick up run, it's 10mins up the road and 10mins back, as it was on I perhaps skipped a few tracks on the way up the road (maybe 5-7), basically i let the song play 1-2mins before deciding or not that I wanna hear the rest or skip forward. Doing this both directions I perhaps skipped 10-14 tracks tops, and listened maximum 20mins. Just to be clear, this is of course using the radio station I'm feeling Lucky feature, not my own collection.

120mb of data gone. :|

Low quality i would expect 128kbps files, caching off I would expect it NOT to dl the entire song immediately but buffer? Even then, at 3mb/song I do not understand how it decided to use 100-120mb of data. I've done this several times now and it's around the same every time, it's like it decides to choose 100mb data straight away just for being 'on'.

So yeh, i hate it.

I installed Apple Music but it seems to crash an awful lot on my Android handset (4.4.2).

Might try spotify.


So the question is... what is the best 'suggested music' app that utilizes the lowest data consumption, whilst at the sametime doesn't get fixated on only two genres in your collection (especially when you have a wide and varied artist collection on yer sd card for it to analyze) that also shuffles the suggested artist radio station (rather than being stuck on one genre track after track)?


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