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Default Choosing player to replace Sansa ClipZip

I am from India.

I have previously been owner of iPod Classic 160 GB. I am not a huge Apple fanboy but that player survived 6 years because of which I am quite surprised by its build quality because I don't handle electronics well. It eventually died last year. I went to a local repair store to get it checked. Apparently, there was some issue with its hard disk. Here in India, they said they didn't have a hard disk available for it. so may it RIP.

Nonetheless, I ended up browsing here last year and finally bought Sandisk ClipZip. I really loved it when I started using it. but it started giving issues related to booting within few weeks. It was under warranty so Sandisk sent me a new one (possibly refurbished?) from USA. And now again I am facing similar issues with booting and battery but its out of warranty now.

So now I want to replace my ClipZip. Following would be my main requirements:

1. Good battery life (prefer 15 hrs+). I travel both locally and outstation at times so this could be essential
2. Storage: Prefer external storage/SDHC but built-in huge (80-160 GB) would be fine as well
3. Ability to rockbox the player would be a great bonus
4. Budget: Close to $200 (without earphones) and MAY consider a used one
5. Size, screen and controls: Virtually no constraints on that since my regular jeans pockets are big enough to carry some big burgers
6. Location: India but I have a friend from USA who will be visiting India around new year. so can get me stuff from USA.

Lastly, ability to use an external mic for recording could be awesome addition but I am aware it is not really standard feature on DAP so I can compromise on it. Maybe get a separate audio recorder for this need.

Following are the few players I have come across by searching/suggestions from friend etc:

1. iBasso DX 50 : Not sure about battery life but rest all my requirements may be satisfied. I also read that a port of Rockbox for iBasso is in works.

2. Fiio X1: Let down by no internal storage (and no news about Rockbox so far) but I do have a couple of cards lying around. It seems solid alternative around $100. And it is also easily available within India as well.

3. A used Sandisk Fuze/Fuze V2 or new Fuze+: I would like to try Sandisk again but my experience with battery/boot issues on ClipZip doesn't inspire too much confidence.

4. Fiio M3: Takes 64 gigs card + 8 GB built-in with 18 hours battery life and priced at $55. Solid alternative to Clip series. No rockbox though and yet to be launched (possibly November).

Any other suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance.

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