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Help Looking for a high capacity, standalone mp3 player

I lost my ipod nano in a work fire a month ago and would like to finally replace it with a decent capacity player. I'm currently considering the Sony A17 but would like to know if there's anything else I should consider. I think I'm too picky though.

: United States East Coast
Capacity: 160gb to infinity, expandable with sd or microsd
Budget: I think I'd cap out at $475, but would prefer something around $200-325
Use: For use while at work, housework (washing dishes, cleaning, etc), and possibly more laborious work like painting and building stuff for the house.
Type/Design: Most definitely DAP, I couldn't care less about video.
Features: Bottom mounted headphone jack (this isn't particularly a dealbreaker I guess, but having the jack on top knocks usability down for me and I would prefer it on the bottom). Gapless would be a nice touch but not extremely important as I usually listen to music on shuffle. A speaker would be a nice touch as well but not a dealbreaker. Don't care about EQ, internet, fm radio, mic, bluetooth, or flac. If it scrobbles using a 3rd party application like Zenses or qtscrobbler then that would be great but I'm beginning to care less about this since the beta. I want something dedicated to music, not a multi function device.
Display: Display with enough to scroll through a decent list (around like 10 items at a time the same size as the Classic's font).
UI/Controls: Simple to use interface using id3, not folders. Click wheel with tactile buttons for play/pause, skip/back, menu, and confirm would be ideal. Volume either using the wheel or dedicated buttons on the side. Would prefer to stay away from pure/heavy use touchscreens. Minimal touchscreens may be okay as long as they are responsive. Would very much like to have a lock switch and not just a button.
Battery life: A few days at the least I think. I might be willing to settle for a less than stellar battery life for the right combination of features though.
Size: I want it to be able to fit in my pocket

Thanks :D

PS - Sorry I'm so picky D:
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