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Default h 120 broken after battery replacement

Dear community,

after the most recent battery replacement my rockboxed iriver h "130" (it got a 30 GB hard disc) is not starting anymore as it should. The old battery was used until the player would only work anymore with the AC-adapter on. Then I got me a 2200mAH replacement battery (from vhbw), pulled the old camero sino out and put the new battery in.
This is not my first battery replacement on this player.

First strange thing: The new battery completed charging (green led off) after less than 2 hours. Well - maybe the new battery came with a fresh charge and it needn't 5+ hours to fully charge it?

Anyway - I tried to power on.
First on Rockbox:

Rockbox boot loader
Version 6
Batt: 0.01V

Loading firmware


The hard disc can clearly be heard spinning, then after few seconds the Rockbox Logo appears and the player immediately shuts down on itself.

Then I tried on the original firmware (press Record button and "Start" simultaneously):

Rockbox bootloader
Version 6

Starting original firmware

...and then nothing anymore happens. The display stays lighted. In order to avoid battery draining I have to press "Reset" to power off.

But strange that it would go through the preliminaries of powering on and even start the hard disc spinning on 0.01V, right? So I checked the voltage with my cheap voltage meter on the pins (backside) of the battery
plug in on the main board - and it said 4.18 volts. So far so good?

Did I break anything on pulling out the old battery, putting in the new one? An unintentioned short on the main board? Anyone out there got an idea what's wrong and how could I fix it?

Thank you so much,
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