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Default Cowon J3 vs. Colorfly C3 vs. Cowon iAudio 9+ vs. Sansa Fuze

I have just recently gotten into higher end music, and am trying to decide between these four players.

-I mostly listen to Europop, Chiptune, Synthpop, and Classic Rock.
-Sound quality takes first priority. After that is EQ, then UI/General ease of use, anything else is just a bonus (or wasted money).
-I don't care about video or anything like that. I just want a player that sounds great and is relatively easy to use. (D2 doesn't count as easy to use, X9 and Fuze do, for reference.)
-My phones are a pair of Sony MDR-V6s.

My thoughts:
J3: I see the J3 lauded nearly everywhere and it's my prime choice right now, but I've also read it sounds the same as the i9+, and since I'm not using it for anything except music I find it hard to justify the price gap.

C3: The Colorfly seems well-made, and the sound quality is supposed to be amazing, but the interface has gotten very bad reviews. Is it too hampering? I don't mind a weird button scheme as long as the menus are laid out well. Is there an EQ of any sort? If so, what kind? Is it any good?

i9+: The iAudio 9+ is supposed to have similar sound quality to the J3, which has gotten amazing reviews, but the interface seems iffy. Is it a learning curve or does it make the player unusable? Also, can you long-press the volume rocker to skip tracks while it's asleep?

Fuze: Lastly, the Sansa is here because it was my first MP3 player, and I absolutely loved it. Looking at reviews, it apparently has pretty decent sq as well, and with rockbox it's supposed to have an even better EQ than Cowon's. However, rockbox is intimidating. I'm used to using JetEffect presets and maybe tweaking them a bit if there's an obvious issue. Will a full parametric equalizer be too difficult to use at this point?

Others: Are there other DAPs I should consider? My budget is ~$200, and used is fine. Must have at least 32GB onboard storage and/or expansion slot. FLACs aren't exactly tiny.


Please leave any insight you might have, but try to keep responses on a comparison level. Saying one player sounds great doesn't help much unless you can compare it to another on the list. Thanks!

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