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Old 06-02-2014, 03:57 PM
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Default So my Sony Walkman died on me... (advice on what to do/buy next)

So it seems my Sony Walkman NWZ-S765 has gone and died on me after barely two years of use. A week or so ago the screen started to flicker and die, I reseted it a couple of times, but then it got worse and now it seems it won't respond at all :-/

This puts me in kind of a weird position. At first I thought about buying a new one, but when I started to look around I noticed the selection of MP3-players has shrunk to an even smaller size than it was two years ago. It seems unless I want to go for an iPod (and I'd rather not) my two options for replacements are either Cowon i9/i10 or a Walkman NWZ-E585.

I'm not much of an audiophile and I'm looking primarily for storage and battery life. 16Gb is a little on the short side, but aside from that my old NWZ-S765 was about perfect, so based on that I'd go buy an E585 without blinking. But I after having my old one die after only two years I'm a little more reluctant. Can I get some perspective on this? Do I have unreasonably high standards for when it comes to how long I want my MP3-players to last? Is it normal for Sony players to die that soon or was I just unlucky?

There's also the issue of me being one of those old fashioned people who has yet to buy a smartphone. There's a variety of reasons for that (most of which aren't very good) but I won't go into them. the point is, I had plans to finally buy one sometime this summer, which kind of has me wondering, is there a point to buying an MP3-player at all?

The only thing that really bothers me with the idea of listening to music on my phone is the battery life. I listen to my portable music quite frequently and for long periods of time, and I wouldn't want to go around worrying about the battery life on my phone running out because of it. Can anyone convince me I'm worrying in vain over smartphone battery life when listening to music or is it as bad as I'm imagining it?

So to summarize, loads of silly questions. Should I buy a NWZ-E585, move away from Sony in favor of a different brand or ignore replacing my old player altogether since it will be obsolete once I join the current decade and buy a smartphone? Any and all input is appreciated ^^

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