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Old 04-20-2014, 02:02 PM
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Default Samsung Galaxy 4.2 mp3 player sound quality and OS problems

I have a 6 month old (bought brand new) Samsung Galaxy 4.2 mp3 player, its actually my second and both have the same issue when during music playback there is distortion or crackling. Sometimes it happens every few seconds to render the song unplayable. It happens on the stock music player and on Power amp, Double twist, Winamp and Playerpro. I thought initially that it was interference caused by the wifi being on as it often happens when I am driving and I assumed it was connecting to various routers as I drove by however it happens when the wi fi is off also. I have tried the sd card in my Samsung S3 mini, my Samsung Note 10.1 tablet and my old Samsung Galaxy Ace phone and all play perfectly with no problems. I have tried different memory cards and it still happens. I am at a loss as to what to do next as it ruins any listening pleasure from what should be a great piece of kit as I am listening for the interference rather than the music. I assume its a known problem with the unit as it has happened to both players that I have had either that or I am very unlucky. Has anyone experienced anything similar and if so did you manage to find a solution?
My second problem has just occurred in the last few days. Apps are becoming unresponsive then the screen is freezing before the operating system force closes and the player white screens and needs the battery taken out in order to reboot it. Even when rebooted it repeats this frequently. Again any advice would be great
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