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Old 03-24-2014, 12:14 PM
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Default Sony SRS-BTX300 NFC Bluetooth Speaker Review

Fed up with non-working Bluetooth adaptors for my elderly Teac dock, I wanted something that worked (and sounded as good); this does both. It features NFC compatibility, Bluetooth, plus contains a rechargeable battery with which you can charge a DAP or phone whether the Sony is plugged in or not. Battery life is around 8 hours but although it comes with a nice case, it is pretty heavy to lug around unless it's just around the house.

This thing is solid and substantial - amazingly well built and sleek; it's a world apart from cheaper Bluetooth speakers. Those hinges are metal.

The sound quality is very good using the aptX codec, as good as my Teac, possibly better.. There are presets (Megabass, Megabass plus a stereo widening feature and off. I'm inclined to leave the sound as flat and just adjust the EQ using whatever device if it's necessary. But the new Bluetooth sounds very good - at least to my ears, and a world away from what was around 5 years ago. Bass is present but not overpowering; mids and highs are good. It also goes pretty loud without distorting.

I can just tap either of my phones or tablet to the NFC tag and pairing is instant.

It will accept a 3.5mm line in for non BT devices.

It also works fine with my Chromebook - this is the answer to my audio problems for now - I don't always want to be listening to my phones or iems, and when I'm film watching on my tablet or Chromebook I can just stream the audio to the Sony. Plus there's something amazingly cool about selecting new music from Google Play on my tablet, whatever my online friends on Soundwave are listening to, hitting play and having the music fill the room.

Here's the Amazon page for the specs, unusually, I didn't research this before buying; it just felt like the best one in the shop.
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