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Old 03-13-2014, 12:29 AM
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Default SanDisk Fuse Wheel Problems+New Model Recommendation Request

Greetings Group- I have a Sandisk Fuze (BI0906BMXK-8gb) Got it in trade 2-3 years ago. Love it!!! Got an extra MicroDisc (16 gig) to add more space. Have used it faithfully. Still charges fine. Out of nowhere, the control wheel has gotten "stiff". I care for it well- feared I might have spilled something on it- but I'm sure that's not the case. Had no idea what to do??? I got a small piece of paper and managed to get it down in the groove around the wheel and "scored" it around the edge. Gave a blast of canned air, then a shot of WD40. "Exercised" it around. After all that, it's a *bit* better, but still gives poor response. I fear this is the end??? From a few "wheel"-related posts I've read, I think I understand the mechanics of the wheel are deeper in the works than "lubricating" will take care of. This model has no screws on the back, so I don't think I want to try to get inside it. Will use it as is for the time being. Are there any recommendations for a newer model to transfer my songs to? I see a few on AMAZON- minus a wheel- with newer "arrow" controls. That's fine. There are a few used models with wheel- but would question how old they were and battery life left. I welcome any and all responses and thanx in advance! Mark
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