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Question Dude, Should I Get Another X9 ???

Hey Everyone! Long-time member here, but haven't posted here in eons!

So, 3 months ago I got me an X9, and I LOVED it! Main thing that made me choose the X9 was the phenomenal battery run-time (They claim 110 hours per was more like 60....with 128K mp3 files on shuffle, with the EQ heavily tweaked + BBE- running on continuous loop at night, without touching the controls- which was O-K....until recently, when, being used under the exact same conditions, it's now getting less than 28 hours out of a charge- which is unacceptable.

Cowon's tech support is useless and time-consuming- but luckily, I purchased my X9 from Amazon, and even though it's been nearly 90 days, they're taking it back![Hurray!]

My dilemma: Do I try another X9 and hope for better results; or do I look for something else? If something else, what? I want something with mucho battery run-time, like the X9, and full-featured customizable EQ/BBE/etc. And something with decent volume, like the X9.

What I really loved about the X9, is that it is essentially just a music player (A very full-featured one!) and that is what I want- JUST a music player. I don't care about video or games or "apps"- and I really don't want Android or WiFi or any of that nonsense (I HATE cell phones/smartphones, and don't want a player which is going to mimic one!)

I just want a great-sounding music player with a long play-time. I don't care how huge it is.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Idears[sic]?

Like I said, I loved the X9- but with the fast deterioration of the battery, and Cowon's horrible support, I'm kinda a-scared to get another.... but looking around, there don't seem to be a whole lot of other worthy replacements, unless I am missing something???
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