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Default Should I buy a Cowon Z2?

I'm posting this specific question in the vain hope some actual Z2 owners have subscribed to this thread and can be of help...

I'm a long term Cowon fan, I abuse the crap outta BBE/Jet Effect and love it <stands proud!>

My other fan DAP is sansa range which I think offer fantastic value for money, BUT... I always prefer the overall sound Cowon devices give over Sansa products.

Currently my main DAP is Cowon's i9+ (32gb). This allows me to have a 'best of'/stripped down music version, it's small and light (40g) making it exercise friendly.

If I were to buy another Cowon it would either be a 64gb version of an i9+ OR... something like the Z2 that acts as a bit of a PMP as well...

It is very attractive to me as someone who downloads 10gb 1080p movies to be able to drag and drop (without conversion) onto the player and watch on the go etc.. The Z2 does this pretty well so I hear. ASFAIK no other Cowon DAP can play huge 10+gb 1080p files without conversion??

There maybe the X9 or X7 or A5 but they are all hefty beasts, the Z2 is still under 120g, 8hr video, 20hr audio... it's enough to get by on for me..

At the same time I'd love to put a 64gb sd card inside the Z2 and have access to my entire music collection

My current phone is Nokia 808 (don't laugh, it is the best camera phone to date!), it's likely I will go Lumia 1020 in the future, therefore there are some relevant android apps I want that wont be ported to windows store anytime soon... It seems I will be destined for a 4g Lumia/windows phone (with good camera) and an android music device (for at least the next 3-5yrs).

So... without further ado my questions;

1) I'm interested purely in hearing BBE/Jeteffect. Do these DSPs exist at root? ie. can they be applied to videos as well as music? If I get Poweramp onto the player can BBE/Jeteffects be used here?

2) If some music exists on the internal memory, and some music on the external sd card, does the main stock music player (that uses BBE etc) merge the two databases to being one?

3) Can you build 'favourites' like other Cowon players can? ie create an on the go playlist (with using jeteffect/bbe ie stock player)

4) Is there a 'file limit'? I think other Cowon devices hit a barrier in this regard, is the Z2 different? Could you put 12,000 songs onto it?

5) Will this (in theory) be able to take the new 128gb microsdcard?

6) Is there a 'hold' button.. or at least the external tactile buttons work but screen/touch buttons are off in case of accidental brushing of forearm or whatever...

I think that's all..

Right now I can see a 16gb going for $300AUD... very tempted...
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