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Old 02-13-2014, 07:31 PM
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Default Fixing roll-off, and driving high(er) impedance earphones.

I hope this isn't frowned upon, but I have made a similar post on another forum. This is not to be rude, but I've noticed that in the world of audio, different people have very different opinions on the same things, so I'm trying to get as many different answers as possible. Sorry if this is offensive in any way .

I'm trying to remedy some of the roll-off that the J3 is known to have, so I'm buying a 75ohm Etymotic impedance adapter for my Etymotic HF2 (HF5). The result would be comparable to an Etymotic ER-4S, but with 9 ohms less impedance.

Would the J3 be capable of driving this combination? I've read a lot of statements claiming that the J3 has a capable amp, and the ER-4S isn't very inefficient for a 100ohm earphone, being an IEM. I've read that aside from volume, higher impedance headphones tend to get muddy on portable sources, even with enough volume, due to low voltage swing. Is the J3 capable in this regard? I wouldn't want to add the adapter and as a result gain bass, but lose excitement (and possibly add clipping!). I just want the same sound as now, but with more bass extension.

Also, I've seen an RMAA test for the J3 at 80ohms, which still shows some roll-off, and a similar test for the D2. How much roll-off should I expect at 91ohms?


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