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Default Xba-a3 review

Hi folks sorry for abandoning ABI but i tought no more news = dead

I got my XBA-A3 a month ago after owning some XBA-H3 for a year.

The design of the XBA-A3 is quite similar to the XBA-H3 but nicier looks a bit matte finish rather than shiny metallic of the H3.. also housing is a bit smaller and i cna insert them deeper withut discomfort. Vent was moved tot he MMCX connector stem hence they isolate a bit better.

Sonic-wise they are a huge step-up from the XBA-H3, the bass hump is eleminitaed and A3 bass kicks hard and eeper to subbass levels only when needed (classical music fan if you rmember )

Mids and highs are more forward and more detailed, the soundstage is bigegr than the H3 too! love it as hell with my new NW-ZX100 they pair perfectly also did with my NWZ-A17 but had some driving problems.

Highs are not harsh anymore another problem of the H3, the smaller housing made away witht he fake /artificial reverb of the H3 housing.

They sound so nice close to neutral no longer bathroom-like sound nor tubey (like if music was played down a sewer pipe)

If Ayudiphools say XBA-Z5 is a step up i doubt, some have said on head-fi z5 is only a 10%-15% improvement over A3

Love them a lot





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