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Default Player 5.0 Audio File Questions

After updating the external processor on my cochlear implant I can once again enjoy music (at least better than I have been able to for the last several years) through Bluetooth streaming to the processor.

My older Sansa E280 will work with a direct cable into the ComPilot Bluetooth device but I thought a player with Bluetooth would be far more convenient.

As I'm not a fan of any iProducts and have had a Motorola Xoom since they first came out I thought an Android player might be the ticket.

After quite a bit of research I settled on a Samsung Galaxy 5.0 player. Of course then the problem of finding a new one at a reasonable price had to be dealt with. After a few weeks I was able to find a new one at what I thought was a reasonable price ($170 shipped) and started looking at some media player apps.

I have been testing them on the Xoom and so far have downloaded and tried about a dozen on the Xoom and three windows programs on the PC.

The main problem I have had with the three Windows programs (doubleTwist, MediaMonkey, and Winamp) is that they all do not import the metadata tags and then when the files are synched to the Xoom I end up with many "unknown artist" and "unknown album" entries.

I can edit the metadata tags in doubleTwist and also in Winamp and as I won't be adding a terrific volume of music at one time I can accept that.

However, as the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is somewhat limited in memory I want to sync the files directly to the SD card. However, I have not been able to find any setting in Winamp that allows me to change the sync folder.

I can transfer the file onto the SD card and delete them form internal memory (so far using the Xoom for testing) but would like to avoid that if possible.

So, after all that rambling here's a few questions.

1.) Is there any app / program that will properly recognize the Windows Media Player tags when audio files are put on the Xoom, either via USB or one of the wireless sync applications?

2.) Does anyone know how Winamp can be set to sync to the SD card?

3.) And finally in Windows Winamp (5.666), I can edit the metadata tags fairly easy but even using the Winamp sync feature it still does not recognize the Genre in the Winamp app on the Xoom.

Sorry to be so long winded.

Thanks for any input.

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