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Default Sansa Clip Zip Is Not Recognized By PC; Won't Turn On

I haven't used my Sansa Clip Zip in about 3 weeks. It was fully dead.

I tried to charge it last night, for about 20 minutes it flickered on and off to the flower screen just as it always does.

Eventually I reset it while charging, and afterwards it never turned on again. Even if I held the reset button for entire minutes.

I've been charging it in around 10PM, it is now 4AM. I have tried to reset it many times, but it fails.

Connecting it to my PC via USB does nothing, and the Clip Zip drivers fail to install/connect. I also am not able to format the device.

I know for a fact that my device isn't dead/bricked since it's still able to connect to my PC, even if it does fail to actually connect.

Should I just leave it on the charger for the rest of the day? Or is there any other solution to fix my problem? Thanks.

This is what happens when I try to format the device.

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