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Default Playlist with tracks across both internal and external memory

Hi there,

I have been using MediaMonkey to transfer playlists from my PC laptop to my Sansa clip+
I have an 8GB player plus a 16GB MicroSD card, both of which are close to full with mp3 tracks.

I have a slight problem with transferring playlists in that in MediaMonkey, when I right click on a playlist and go to 'send to > Sandisk' I have the option of creating the playlist in either the internal memory or on the MicroSD card.

If I send the playlist to the internal memory, any tracks in that playlist that are already on the internal memory just get included in the playlist without any problems, but any tracks that aren't on the internal memory get copied across as new files from MediaMonkey. Problem is, that even if I already have the track/file stored on the Sansa on the external MicroSD card it will still be copied over from MediaMonkey. Meaning I now have the file twice on my player, the original one on the internal memory and now a duplicate on the MicroSD card.

Likewise, if I create the playlist on the external memory, then any tracks that are on my player, but stored in the internal memory, also get copied across from my PC as new files to the external drive.

Is there any way to force the player to recognise that the track/file already exists and so it can just include it in the playlist without having to copy it over?

One solution I have found is to have a playlist only containing tracks from either the internal or external memory, and then create that playlist on the respective memory slot. But this is quite limiting as many of my playlists are quite large and with around 20+ GB of mp3 files spanning both the internal and external memory its just not feasible for me to keep track of which songs are on which drives!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to ABi

There's no way to do what you want I've ever found with any music library software. None of them I know are able to recognize files exist on the other drive and not copy it to the again. I've seen a couple of times when someone has posted how to do it with file sync software but the set up was so elaborate that all it took was the smallest mistake and you wound up with duplicates.

Even if the file sync software is properly set the sandisk firmware doesn't work with .m3u playlists made from files transferred in MSC USB mode that span both memories. The file sync software I know needs a drive letter to work so .m3u playlists are all that can be made from the files they transfer. Files transferred in MTP will sometimes work in playlists that span both memories but if any change is made to the files included in any of them the playlists breaks. They most often break even if you don't make a change.

I use the replacement firmware Rockbox on my sandisk players. That does work with .m3u playlists that span both memories. I put a few of my favorites on the internal memory and rotate new stuff onto the card. I save the playlists I make from files that are on either memory to the external memory. That let's Rockbox see all the files and the playlists work.
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