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Question Display wonky with 64GB microSD

This past May I made the jump to Rockbox 3.12 on my third 8GB Fuze V2. To this mix I also added a 64GB Sandisk microSD card.

All was terrific... for awhile. Then I started getting a solid white screen upon boot. Forcing a reboot—sometimes three of four times—often gets me back to where I can see something on the screen. Often the display scrolls diagonally or otherwise behaves erratically. Upgrading to Rockbox 3.13 hasn't made a difference.

I have noted a correlation between battery charge value and screen behavior, so I've tried to keep the Fuze at full charge as much as possible. I believe this frequent "top off" charging has caused its battery to become less and less up to the task, causing the Fuze to not allocate enough power to the display. This is just a guess.

The other day I added a few more songs and now the display (when not solid white) appears to show what appears to be scrolling, overlapping debug code (or some such).

I'm in a quandary at this point. I'm thinking of replacing the battery with one from

Does anyone have any idea if I'm on the right track? Should I also consider replacing the LCD while I have the Fuze cracked open?
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