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Default Perfectionist fix for Sansa Clip+ clip replacement/removal

Items required:
JB Quick Weld (or regular if you have more time)
Satin black krylon spray paint
1 small square of cardboard
1 medium square of cardboard
ballistol or alcohol swabs or soapy water
Sander (You can rent one from home depot for around $20 if you don't own one)
Some strong tape
Scraper or knife
Compressed air (optional)
Popsicle stick or something to use as a spreader
Sansa Clip/Sansa Clip+

Step 1) Lay down your newspapers

Step 2) Take the back off your device. Gently!

Step 3) Use your sander and sand down any plastic bits on the back that are raised.
!!Important: Do not make contact with the sander for more than a few seconds at a time, allow time for cooling between sandings! You don't want to overheat the thin plastic backing as that may cause warping or distortion or even melting.

Step 4) When the back is flush rinse it off with balistol or alcohol swabs or soapy water and be sure to remove all the dust and grease. Allow it to dry. You can also blast it with compressed air here if you are super picky.

Step 5) Cut a small cardboard square size to fit inside the back where all the internal components usually go then tape it tightly in place. Also tape around the OUTSIDE edges this time.

Step 6) Mix your JB Quickweld in equal portions steel and hardener on a medium sized piece of cardboard with your Popsicle stick and apply it lightly over the back of your device so that it fills in any holes removing the clip/raised plastic portions may have left. (You only have 4 minutes so be quick!) Use your scraper to get it as flat as possible.

Step 7) Go to work or sleep or something but give it a few hours (far longer than the recommended drying time to be sure it is solid) to dry completely.

Step 8) If you feel it is not flush give it another light sanding. Followed by another washing and optional compressed air blast and time to dry.

Step 9) When you are satisfied it is flat and any holes have been filled in give it two coats of krylon satin black to finish it off. Use your hairdryer from about 9 inches away to help it dry faster. (Do not bubble the paint!)

Step 10) When dry remove the outside tape and cardboard from the inside. If any quickweld got inside take a knife and scrape it out, don't worry about scratches on the inside of the backing because no one will ever see them but be careful around any holes you have filled and not to use too much pressure and go through the backing. Also be sure to knock out the mic hole which is a little dot just above the old clip location.

Step 11) Put your Sansa Clipless+ together again!

Step 12) Add the clip of your choice, personally I suggest:

However with the back of your sansa clip+ now flush and looking sleek you can put just about any clip on with the bonding agent of your choice. I just feel that the above clip which is designed to be bonded onto stuff will look the best and be the sturdiest as it is also sold by countycomm and those guys do a great job with quality.

I got the idea for this mod from this video:

I will be doing it myself when my clip wears out but so far I have not tested it. Can't think of any reason why it would fail though.
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