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Old 12-12-2013, 06:12 AM
Wolfknight Wolfknight is offline
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Default [SOLVED] Sansa clip+ not detected in win8 (portable speaker cable was the problem)

I fixed it, the problem was I'm an idiot and got a portable speaker and mp3 player at the same time and even though the usb to micro-usb cord for them would each charge the other one only the Sansa cord would register the device... guess which one I used lol.

Please delete this thread haha

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Old 12-12-2013, 11:19 AM
skip252 skip252 is offline
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Welcome to ABi

We usually honor requests to delete posts that were made in error. In this case it may be helpful to others to leave it. With more portable speakers available that power through USB I'm guessing that someone else may also run into the same issue. I've changed the title to make it searchable for someone that might run into this in the future.

If you really prefer that this thread be deleted please let us know. We'll make it go away but it would nice to allow others to benefit from your experience.
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Old 12-13-2013, 05:44 AM
Wolfknight Wolfknight is offline
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By all means let others benefit from my stupidity =p I simply didn't think my pain could be valuable to anyone else and didn't want to spam.

Evidently there are usb cables that do not transfer data and are only for charging. The cables should have some kind of marking on them to indicate this (usually). Took me about 5 hours to figure it out though...

I tried:
Holding power and the center button to force the usb connection
Going into settings on the Clip+ and changing the usb connection mode
Restoring to factory settings
On my computer I went to control panel>Auto Play and changed the setting for what to do when the Clip+ connects as well

If someone comes here and the cables are not the problem hopefully one of those other methods will help.
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Old 12-15-2013, 02:45 PM
Mikerman Mikerman is offline
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My ignorance for the day: just picked up a 64GB microSDXC card and the computer was registering the size at a few scant KBs, not GBs, when I put the card in a reader and attached the reader to the computer; I thought that the card was a fake, although picked up at a reputable store, until I continued to experiment and saw that the laptop's internal card reader was reading the card at the full size. Took a quick Wikipedia course on the SDXC standard and learned, an hour into this event (and including a few formats later, just in case it was a card issue), that newer readers are needed to read SDXC cards (although, fortunately, the Clips can do so--bravo, SanDisk!).

Hard to keep up with technology and what the manufacturers assume we know or don't care enough to inform us about . . . .
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