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Old 12-03-2013, 09:07 AM
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Default Phonak Audeo PFE 112 - first impression

Hey guys, I just got these new headphones (rev.2). Actually I bought used ones and according to previous owner they were purchased this year and have been barely used cause of the fit problem. Been wanting them for long time (to try BA type phones, likes the reviews and impressions, changeable filters sounded great and has excellent build quality), and now I got myself one for early x-mass.

I been listening to them for 4h now, testing, playing everything (well, mostly classic, blues, rock, jazz, pop), playing on everything (sansa e260 95%, but tried sansa Clip+, Sony Minidisk deck and PC) and mixing the filters and tips (got them with all filters and tips, tested 95% with gray as I don’t like black much). I have a few cons that worry me, and it would be nice to get some feedback from you guys. I have Soundmagic E10 and Sennheiser CX300-II also so this was like a step up for me, but they don’t sound any better than any of those at this moment. E10 is broken right now (cable problem) so I cannot draw the comparison with them, only with sennheisers.

1. misses ambient effect / virtualization – for example a song that has instrument more in one channel felt more like it's coming just from directly lets say left side, while with cx it sounded like it's coming from wider area of left side (basically misses some front and back impressionation)
2. loses the juice – probably biggest problem so far, they perform good and then, just fail at it, like it loses volume (mostly on mids, might find examples later), like it doesn't has enough power to do what it has to do
3. Sansa e260 usually have more hissing problems, but with this headphones it's more heard. All headphones so far have been played with -10 volume (rockbox), and this ones goes from -10 to max -5. So the problem of them being not so loud is not much problem here, but is maybe player the one to be blamed for the problem no.2? Would in case like that an amp such as E6 help me solve the problem?
4. slowly reacts to volume controls - around 1 to 2 seconds, is that normal?
5. keep using big silicone because comply doesn't do much isolation - since I use big and comply are medium, I'd say comply are too small for me (which is strange cause on e10 and cx300 I never used big tips). However I do think that when I make a shell around ear with my hand (without applying any pressure to ear) while wearing them with comply, they do get better, more richer then with silicone tips (and makind a shell while wearing them doesn’t change anything).

I do have some nice pros so far:
1. they reacted great to rockbox's bass boster (when applied extra 7 to 13dB). However might boosting it so much be the cause of some kind of distortion that lead to problem no.2?
2. I do believe owner was careful with them, but I was sceptical about how much he used them. However if it was below 10h as he said, might all problems be solver with time and burn-in? Also when I got them out of box, they sounded a bit "weaker" then they do now, they definitely improved a little bit, and on some songs they sounded spot on (fast percussions are definitely a joy)

Please guys share some knowledge, thoughts and experience with me. I'll post if anything changes with their sound.
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