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these are some bassy muthers for sure!

certainly compared to anything other than the VBs that i used to own.

punchy and tight bass i think is the right term ...and ive not even tried any really bassy tracks!

high end is clean too

nice .... comfy too they keep your ears warm!

....think i might even dial down the bass a bit on the EQ! shocking i know - as normally turn it the other way

sound is very different compared to most of the iems ive used - closest would be the ie2s i think

mmm....yes - the bass defo seems a bit over heavy imo - ive had to knock the bass down some more on the EQ

....oops sorry :/ will do

...i think i might find that on ear cans make my ears too hot!

hi skip,
ok cool thanks

actually going back to the pana 450s, they sound so....far away, i think the description might be :/
think i really like these 451

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Hey danx55, would you consider adding edits to you previous posts instead of making a long string of short posts all in a row?
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Nice headphones from the look of them. I have a relative of theirs, the AKG K81DJ. Bassiest headphones that don't distort before EQ I have. Also the most uncomfortable I haven't traded or sold. They're OK for an hour or so but the headband isn't long enough to let them come down far enough on my ears properly. That has them sit at an angle that presses them into the wrong spots on my ears and they ache after a while.

Please notice the reason I merged your posts and how to avoid it happening in the future. There's another thing you may not know. Some members have their subscription preferences set to send an email with each thread they subscribe to. That means if you add another post instead of editing your last, each new post causes them to get a new email. That can cause them to keep coming back for a single new sentence. It doesn't take much of that to get old in a hurry.
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mmm....well ive not rushed out and purchased ..... i wonder why :/ im not too sure myself - they sound very nice for sure - but i found that after half an hour or so my ears were feeling tired, so i took them off - maybe it is the on ear thing :/

....jury still out i think

i think it must be the pressure on the ears :/ doesnt seem much at first - but then after a while they ache slightly - might look at some over ear cans maybe - ive only had one pair of these - sony mdr570s - super comfy, but sound is a bit rubbish imo! no detail - makes tracks sound weird!

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