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these are some bassy muthers for sure!

certainly compared to anything other than the VBs that i used to own.

punchy and tight bass i think is the right term ...and ive not even tried any really bassy tracks!

high end is clean too

nice .... comfy too they keep your ears warm!

....think i might even dial down the bass a bit on the EQ! shocking i know - as normally turn it the other way

sound is very different compared to most of the iems ive used - closest would be the ie2s i think

mmm....yes - the bass defo seems a bit over heavy imo - ive had to knock the bass down some more on the EQ

....oops sorry :/ will do

...i think i might find that on ear cans make my ears too hot!

hi skip,
ok cool thanks

actually going back to the pana 450s, they sound so....far away, i think the description might be :/
think i really like these 451

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