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Default HELP! X9 screwed up! Improper function

Okay this morning something messed up my Cowon X9. The " Volume down button" mimics the sleep/power button. If you never had a X9; there are three interface buttons on the top side of the X9 as you would look at it normally. The power button is on the far right and the middle is the Volume -/+ button. (in case anyone is wondering the power button still works...)

When the power button is pressed once it puts the X9 into hold; 2 quick presses puts into hold/turn off display; and when you hold it it puts it into sleep mode. So this issue is whenever I press down the Volume "-" it acts like the power button so I'm unable to turn down the volume.

Things I tried;

Installed the 2.02 Firmware; didn't work
Format the X9 and restored original factory files; didn't work.

Also the "reset" button; is to hold down both volume "-" and "+" for a few seconds is to reset the device in case if it freezes. But when I do this it puts into Sleep Mode and the device becomes unable to turn back on unless I plug it into my PC(64bit) Win8 OS.

Cowon X9(32gb) had it for 11 months no problem until today.
Also I noticed when I charged it when it was dead a couple days ago. Yesterday I tried to turn it back on and it wouldn't and thought the battery died which is impossible because it has like a week long battery life during sleep mode.

Thank you anythingbutipod community.
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