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Default bad microSD card possibly killed my Clip+

Hi, I have googled this some but I haven't been able to find much that's relevant to my particular situation, so here it goes:
My dad has a Clip Zip and two SanDisk brand 32GB microSD cards. He had one for a long time, and I borrowed it while making him a second card to ensure that I didn't duplicate music between the two cards. I mailed both cards back to him, and he used the newer card for about 3 months and put the older one on a shelf. The other day he switched out the cards and the older card that had worked reliably for several months before now would not scan on his Clip Zip. It got stuck on the scanning screen and he said it heated up the Clip Zip and rapidly drained the battery. He tried it a couple of time with the same results.
Last night during a visit I took the microSD card and placed it in a card reader and put it into my PC. It was unable to see the card. I took it out of the card reader and put it in my (rockboxed) Clip+, and at first it flashed an error message (though I stupidly cannot remember what it said) and then appeared to turn off. I reinserted it a couple of times, and couldn't get any results. We were busy (it was trick-or-treat), so I shoved the Clip+ (with the card in it) in my pocket absentmindedly, and about a half-hour later noticed something quite hot in my pocket. My Clip+ was very hot (almost uncomfortable to hold) and now would not turn on or anything. I held the power button down for 30 seconds, and nothing.
Today, I have tried several times to reset it (even holding the power button down a minute and more), and right now I have it plugged into my PC, though it has not been recognized by the PC and by all appearances it is not changing the situation.
So I have a couple of questions after this drawn out setup:
1) Is my Clip+ dead?
2) What could possibly have happened to the card that would cause such severe malfunctioning?
The only things I did to the card when I borrowed it were deleting a few albums that were in downloaded from Amazon and wouldn't play on his Clip Zip (I can't remember the format--AAC?) and moving 4 or 5 albums from the old card to the new card to keep the artists sorted on either one or the other microSD cards. When I mailed the cards back to my dad, I used scotch tape to fasten them to a piece of paper which I then folded and placed in an envelope. They were not in a hard case/box. The bad card looks just fine visually and is very clean, doesn't smell burnt, etc.

Any ideas/suggestions? I am more concerned for my Clip+, though obviously I'd be happy to get the microSD card working properly as well. Thanks, and I'm sorry if a similar thread exists.
Sansa Clip Zip 4GB + 128GB; iPhone 5 64GB; Phonak Audéo PFE 232
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