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Default question on shure se215

hello all, this is my first post on ABI but i have learned quite since i have been reading the posts.....

im not in any way an audiophile (not there yet) but i enjoy listening to good high quality music.

i have a question on my recently bought shure se215, i was really eyeing a klipsch s4 but stumbled upon the shures for a really good deal.

before i ask the question, pls take note that i have other headphones too, i dont know if this would influence how i look at the shures, my other headphones are: HD25-1 ii, philips downtown and senn px-100ii i. my DAP is a sansa clip zip BTW

my questions are these:

1. i noticed that the highs on the shure are somewhat "dull" and lack sparkle or brilliance. the mids or voice of the singer is somewhat not foreward enough, am i right in my observation?

2. do the shures need burn in period? or is burn in period true? if yes how long should i burn in the shures and how do i do it correctly?

3. I tried to correct the highs by using the eq and played with the freq from 1k to 16k increased them in a slope .5 to 2.5 respectively and i feel that the highs are somewhat closer to the sound of my HD25. is what i do correct?

4. Or, should i just sell the se215 and buy some iem with the sound signature i like?

thanks in advance for any advise that you can give..

BTW, as a complement, i find that ABI as one of the sites that give honest advise... many thanks


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