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Default New to Clip+, tips and some questions

Ok ive been waiting for weeks to have this since my 2 yr old coby player gave up on me. Saw reviews that this is the best player.
Im still getting used to it cause im more used to my coby player. Any tips on how to take care of this? cause i want it to last at least 2 yrs like my old player. And i havent tested out the battery of this one cause one thing about me is I always fuck up the batteries of my electronics. So how should i take care of it? like is it bad to charge it when its not yet fully drained, etc.?

Also, im thinking of rockbox-ing my sansa. But is it safe? im scared to do it since i only bought this on ebay and the seller said its not gonna cover up the 1-week warranty of the player if ever something goes wrong in changing the firmware. It kinda bothered me cause what if i mess it all up. If ever i rockbox-ed it, will i be able to easily revert back to the original state of the player? And how much space will Rockbox take up? Cause i have 4gb and right now theres only like, 7mb space left. Also, is there a search function on rockbox? that'd be cool if you can search easily for the album you want to play and not scroll on it one by one.

Last question, is there any way to make playlists? Like if i make a playlist name "night" (for songs at night), then just grab those songs that are from my albums without duplicating the mp3 file? How do you do that?

edit: i just noticed that my sansa doesnt say "sansa" in the front. it says sandisk. i just find it weird.


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