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Default Earphones for NASCAR

Good Evening,

Decibel levels at a NASCAR race are routinely 130 to 140 while on green flag runs and particularly after they get strung out and it is constant left to right noise. That is painful after a while and I am more interested in what my favorite driver and crew chief are talking about.

I have a scanner.
I have a NRR headset
I have rented a premium NRR headset at track before.

The headset works great at blocking the engine noise. However the volume from the headset of the driver/crew chief is always VERY tiny.

I got the idea of plugging in my standard white ear buds and the volume was MUCH louder compared to the headset. So last race I wore earbuds and then the NRR headset over the top. This worked ok. Obviously the earbuds were uncomfortable for 500 miles of race watching. Especially with the headset pushing down on them.

So here I am again about to attend another race and I would like the loudness of the iOS generic white earbuds in a more comfortable fashion.

To be honest I really would prefer some sort of loud ear buds (without having to wear NRR earmuffs over them) that have a good ear canal seal or NRR factor.

My uncle has a pair of Shure earphones and he says for most part ok but the engine noise penetrates and sometimes he has trouble hearing the driver.

They don't have to have good quality.. I mean I might use them at my computer desk while I play World of Tanks so sound quality is not as important as volume level and NRR of the canal seal.

Also I am not wanting to drop more than $75 on something like this...

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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